Monday, October 12, 2009

Starfarers Catan

Did I ever mention that Luke used his “birthday money” to buy like 50 new versions of Catan??  Well let’s just say the “birthday money” was gone after the first purchase…he knows what’s he’s getting for Christmas :)

So on Saturday we got the crew together again for a shot at Starfarers Catan.  Everyone was pretty skeptical of playing it, and I don’t blame them, I mean look at the “mother ships”…can you say nerdy!  And even though the game took over 4 hours, I think everyone had fun and wants to play again :) Rachel took the prize by reaching 15 victory points first (leaving me in the dust with 6, pretty lame…)IMG_1787

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Rachel Erwin said...

You are really toning this down for the blogging world! The game took over 5 hours! I would let you forget it. :)