Friday, January 23, 2009

Livable Spaces

So Stephanie's official. She made some cash money the other day. Check out her business card and her website:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas Time is Here (well was here)

Luke and I got to spend 2 full weeks down in Texas for Christmas, which was awesome. We started in Austin, headed over to Houston, then to Beaumont, drove through Elkhart, stayed in Bedford, and finished in Sachse. It was a lot of people seeing and driving, we had a blast. Luke figured that we slept in 7 beds of all shapes and sizes, so it was nice to come home and sleep in a tempurpedic king size!

First we stopped at our old stomping grounds in Austin (well we actually stayed in Jonestown). It was really fun getting to hang out on the compound with the Elliotts and Stokes, we miss those guys ;(

Christmas Eve Eve we went over to Houston. So last year Aunt Jenny brought a present wrapped 100 times with all kinds of tape for a game. Basically you pass 2 die around a circle and when you roll doubles, you get to unwrap the gift until the next person rolls doubles and takes the present away from you. In the end, it's usually something small, like a gift card. The winner is the one holding the gift completely unwrapped. Last year I won the gift card, so this year Luke and I brought the wrapped gift. As you can see, we went a little over board on the amount of wrapping we did. The present was a gift card, so obviously it's pretty far down past this huge box. Actually Luke was a little tricky and wrapped about 30 little boxes that we went through trying to find which one had the gift card, when in actuality it was in a box under a couch cushion. Sneaky Luke. So here is Lunsford trying to get the process going. He was pretty ridiculous in this game, body checking the box and all...we played this game in Beaumont and Bedford too, it's a pretty big hit.

Here are the beautiful siblings...of course David Eugene had his eyes closed, what are we going to do we do with him??
Here's me, Aunt Jenny, Laura & Mimi.
The day after Christmas, we headed to Beaumont for the big family Christmas there.
So it looks like we like to take pictures in front of that couch...Fur fur and Thai Thai's birthdays are Jan 5 and 10. They were twins born 5 days apart by different mothers. So of course if it's someones birthday, we have to celebrate at CEC (for those of you who aren't cool, that means Chuck-E-Cheese). Both of them were going to turn the big 22.
Is it ok that just because you're little, you can cheat? I don't know about that.
I caught Bethers shooting some hoops.Josh is doing his classic concentrated lips. And David looks pretty good too.The Edgar sisters with their mom.
Every year the Edgar kids have a business meeting, so this year, they decided to rent a room at CEC.
Even Grandpa couldn't miss out on the fun...On the way to Bedford, we stopped at the Gernenz's house, home of the old Living Hope youth pastor that Luke worked with in College Station. It was fun to see some old friends (who had 2 new little ones by the way).

In Bedford we got to see a bunch of friends and family. We went to a happening Redneck New Years Party where Luke looked ridiculous. I'll have to find a pic of that later.

On our way back to Allen to meet up with our driving buddies James & Sherrie, we stopped in Sachse to see my cousins Jason & Kendra's new pad which was really beautiful. And yes, we did drive, about 18 hours each way. Luckily for Sherrie and me, the boys did all the driving :)

So I know all our pictures are from my side of the family, but our camera died on us and those pics are from other people's cameras. I think Patti took some on hers, so I'll have to get them later too :) Luckily we got a new camera for Christmas!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pics from Bethers & the fur

Ok so here are some pictures from Bethers & Jennifer's visit. They got in late Saturday night, so Sunday we went to Virginia Beach. There was pretty much no one there besides us, even a lot of the boardwalk shops were closed.

While in VA Beach, we went to Fort Story and Cape Henry Lighthouse.

After a day of walking viewing the sites, we ate dinner at Olive Garden (very VA Beach I know) and shared a piece of Black Tie Mousse Cake (of course). Then Bethers was feeling the call to go to Macy's, so we checked it out. Finally we finished the day with a drive through the Holiday Lights at the Beach.

On Monday we toured around Colonial Williamsburg. The picture below is at the Capitol.

On Tuesday we drove the Colonial Parkway to Historic Yorktown. After eating at Carrot Tree (a little restaurant in a 16th century home), we headed for the Prime Outlets. Williamsburg is home to a huge Yankee Candle store, you have to see it to believe it. So here's fur and me in the store.

On Wednesday before they had to leave, we went to Jamestown Settlement. They have a museum and live action exhibits of an Indian reservation, the ships from England, and the first colony. It was pretty fun. The picture below is us in an Indian hut, right after taking the picture, Jennifer saw a rat scurry across where we were laying...gross.

And that's the gist of the trip. It was a grand ole time :)