Saturday, November 13, 2010

College Run Pumpkins

The weekend before Halloween, we headed out to College Run Farm across the ferry with some friends to pick some pumpkins!

Check out Calvin’s hair in the wind!

College Run Pumpkins 02College Run Pumpkins 03

We tried to get some cute pumpkin photos again, wearing his “Boo” shirt given by Grandma…but of course he wanted to look everywhere but at the camera!

College Run Pumpkins 06College Run Pumpkins 07College Run Pumpkins 09

I thought this was a funny one, looks like he’s smoking something!  Haha, should I be laughing at that??

College Run Pumpkins 12

Paddle Boats

We also rented some paddle boats at Waller Mill with the Elliotts…All the kids loved it, including Calvin :)

Elliotts - Boats 01Elliotts - Boats 05Elliotts - Boats 08Elliotts - Boats 14Elliotts - Boats 16Elliotts - Boats 18

Luke was making me mad, so I pushed him in the lake! Ha, too bad we didn’t get any pictures of that…But anyway, Aliza thought that was soooo funny, so she “fell” in too!

Elliotts - Boats 20Elliotts - Boats 21

Colonial Williamsburg

So I know we’ve been slacking on posts lately, I mean Calvin’s 11 month birthday is today and we still haven’t posted his 10 month photos yet….oops :)

Anyway, we still had some events from October and when the Elliotts were visiting that we need to get on here. 

Here’s our trip to CW…

Elliots - CW 02Elliots - CW 03Elliots - CW 04Elliots - CW 07Elliots - CW 08Elliots - CW 11Elliots - CW 12

Baby Evie!

Our friends Jeni & Nathan welcomed their baby girl, Evelyn Ruth, on Thursday morning.  We had the privilege to meet her at the hospital!  She was so cute and so tiny…6 lb 12 oz.  Calvin would eat her up!  Cal wasn’t allowed to go into the room to see Baby Evie, so Laura & Daniel watched him out in the waiting room while we got to snuggle our new Homegroup baby!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Homegroup Halloween Party

We had our homegroup over last night for a little party.  I said that costumes were required, and everyone did a great job!

Homegroup Halloween 01Homegroup Halloween 02Homegroup Halloween 03

The Fur Traders/Explorers aka Collin & Margaret

Homegroup Halloween 07

George McFly & Jamie Something (a cowboy from something, haha I can’t remember) aka Daniel & Laura

Homegroup Halloween 08

A Lumberjack and Double Stuffed Oreo aka Nathan and Jeni (we didn’t get a good pic of Jeni’s belly, but she’s 8 1/2 months preggo, so she made a great oreo!) 

Homegroup Halloween 12

And finally, the pirate couple with their pet parrot :)

Homegroup Halloween 14Homegroup Halloween 15

Josh, Jessie & James were also there, but we didn’t get a good picture of them :( 

Halloween Party at the WISC

This year my MOPS group hosted a Halloween Party at the WISC (Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex, where Luke plays indoor soccer).  They had bounce houses, gymnastic equipment, soccer and crafts set up for us.  We also got to play laser tag, even Calvin played!!  It was a really fun night out with all our friends.


They had a costume contest for best kid and adult costumes.  We were the only adults to come in costume (except for a dad dressed like a doctor), so we won the best adult prize, which they called the best “family” prize because our costumes coordinated.  I asked a friend if we won out of default, but she said we would’ve won even with competition :)  The prize was a month free at the fitness center!  Let’s go work out!!

And yes all the costumes are homemade, as I’m sure you can tell :)  I got the idea for Calvin’s Parrot costume here.

The kid who won the best kid costume was a Baby Yoda, pulled off by a little boy who was born a day before Cal at the same hospital!  Way to go December 2009 babies :)