Friday, February 20, 2009

Night of Musicals!

Last night our fellow Austinite, Rachel, came over for a night of musical watching. We started with "Sunday School Musical" which is probably my new favorite movie, imdb didn't think so though.
We decided to finish the night off strong with the most amazing HSM yet!! I loved it and I can't wait until College Musical :) haha...I'm just glad I had someone to watch it with, however I totally would've watched by myself too (but don't be fooled, Luke watched it with us and loved it). It was awesome, imdb didn't seem to think so either, hmm I don't know about imdb's judgment though, remember they gave "Blade Runner" an 8.3.
Does anyone else see a resemblance with these movie posters?

(Hint: I want HSM3 for my birthday)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canoe! (again)

It was beautiful again after church on Sunday, and our friends Sam & Chelsea wanted to go canoeing...good thing we have a canoe!
Chelsea and I got to just go for a ride while the boys did all the work, then we watched as they loaded the canoe back on the Yukon. What a life :)After canoeing, we went back to our pad and watched "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Which is a very unique and pretty funny movie. And then we played guitar hero and other games, well the boys played video games while Chelsea and I played cards and other board games. This is Chelsea's first attempt at guitar hero...

Valentine's Weekend Surprise!

Ok so if any of you knows Luke, you know that he's always surprising me for Valentine's day. It started the year we were engaged when he put 315 paper hearts with "lovey dovey" phrases (like you are my sunshine and te amore) all over my yard in College Station. But because that wasn't enough, he made a life-size blowup of himself holding roses. (One of his gifts from me that year was a "I heart Stephanie" shirt :) )

Feb. 14, 2007, our first marrieds Valentines, he filled my cube at work with balloons and rose pedals. I think he was a little nervous that day because I wasn't feeling well and didn't go in to work until lunch; he didn't want all that work to go to waste :) We also stayed in downtown Austin and saw "The Lion King" on broadway.
Last year he surprised me with a trip to Big Bend. The morning of Valentine's my car wouldn't start, so I called Luke and he told me to check the mailbox for a clue. Our mailbox was one of those you had to walk around the corner to, so when I got that clue it told me I shouldn't have left my car unlocked because it was stolen when I got back to the house. Then there was a blindfold for me with a note telling me to stand at the end of the driveway and wait to be picked up. I thought this was all just a show for a breakfast or something, but we ended up driving to the border of Mexico, so I knew I wasn't going in to work that day or the next. My co-workers knew about the trip, and tried to get me to a "stopping point" the day before we left. (The picture is us canoeing on the Rio Grande)

So this year I should've known something was going to happen. I really didn't think we were going to do anything because we just bought a camera and canoe and we're going on a cruise in June. But maybe I won't be so oblivious next year. For a week or so leading up to last weekend, he kept saying 1000 or texting 1000 or emailing 1000, so I was like what is the deal with 1000?? Well when he got home from work on Friday he said pack a bag we're leaving. So of course he didn't give me any hints as to what to bring, any question I asked he answered "sure, bring it" which is frustrating :) Anyway, he told me to dress up and kept saying 1000. We got in the car and I had to drive, I was like, I can't drive, I don't know where we're going....follow the gps, that's all I got. So we ended up in Virginia Beach for a weekend getaway. It was very relaxing and fun just getting to hang out and not worry about anything. Oh that Luke, how I love him. Oh yeah, so I guess you want to know what 1000 means. Well he calculated that we would've been married for 1000 days on March 6, 2009 and he decided that's not that far from Valentine's day, let's make a date out of it, so he decided to celebrate early, which threw me off of course :)

So here's the view from our room. Virginia Beach isn't such a happening place in February, go figure..
We decided to sit on the beach and read/talk...but Luke got too cold :) so we went back to the room and pretended we were sitting on the beachThat's it and that's all.

Monday, February 2, 2009


This year, Luke and I decided not to get each other Christmas gifts...instead we bought a canoe! There's a put-in to the Powhatan Creek about a quarter of a mile from our house, so yesterday after church we went exploring :)

We're ready for the spring and fall so the trees will look beautiful you can see they're a little bare.