Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Strawberry Picking

On Saturday we headed across the ferry to pick strawberries at College Run Farms.  Calvin seemed to have fun, both on the ferry and picking!

Too bright for the little guy though..

Strawberry Picking 01

Awesome face.

Strawberry Picking 02Strawberry Picking 03

Calvin’s (and Luke’s) favorite thing :)

Strawberry Picking 04Strawberry Picking 05Strawberry Picking 06Strawberry Picking 07Strawberry Picking 08

Calvin doesn’t actually like strawberries…he wouldn’t even eat the homemade ice cream!  He must take after me, I’m one of the few people that doesn’t actually like strawberry flavored things (except the strawberries themselves, goes for most fruits actually)..

Strawberry Picking 09Strawberry Picking 10Strawberry Picking 11

These were the kinds strawberries that Calvin would put in the basket, so we had to do a little quality control.

Strawberry Picking 12Strawberry Picking 13Strawberry Picking 14Strawberry Picking 15

“Let’s go Mom!”

Strawberry Picking 16

“Fine, I’ll go by myself!”

Strawberry Picking 17Strawberry Picking 18Strawberry Picking 19Strawberry Picking 20


I used a lot of the strawberries to make a Strawberry Shortcake last night, which was super yummy!

Next month we’ll be blueberry picking!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rachey Baby Visits!

Way back in April, the week we got back from Disney, our buddy Rachel came up for a visit!  We had a busy couple of days hanging out and having fun :)

Rachel's Visit 01Rachel's Visit 02

We had a girls’ night at the Melting Pot, which was most of our first times (except for Sara, the pro!).  And it was super delicious and fun!

Rachel's Visit 03

Then we wanted to play Catan of course…problem was it was after 10pm on a Tuesday and most everywhere was closed, except for Target!  So we set up in the (closed) Starbucks area of the store…we felt pretty awesome playing a nerd game at Target :)

Rachel's Visit 04

And surprise surprise, Sara won!  Haha, she is just awesome at that game!

Rachel's Visit 05Rachel's Visit 06

Calvin loved playing with Abby again…especially copying everything she did.  She actually got him playing on the rocking bike, so thanks Abby!

Rachel's Visit 07

Rachel got to meet Evie for the first time!  And Evie loved meeting her :)

Rachel's Visit 08Rachel's Visit 09

Then Calvin had to show his love for Abby….many times..

Rachel's Visit 10Rachel's Visit 11Rachel's Visit 12Rachel's Visit 13Rachel's Visit 14Rachel's Visit 15

It was nice having the girls back together again!  We’ll be glad to live close to the Erwins when we get back to TX!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random iPhone Pics

We played ultimate frisbee with some friends last week.  Calvin wanted to join in on the fun!

May 15 01May 15 02

And poor baby got a bobo on his forehead!  I was the bad mom that didn’t keep the curling iron enough out of reach!  Please don’t call CPS!!  It’s already healing up just fine :)  And he didn’t even know it happened. 

(Btw, our new favorite thing is going to CFA on Kid’s Eat Free night, which is where we are here)

May 17 01

At least he gets to sport a cool band aid, right?…

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Busch Gardens

It’s nice having a season pass to BG b/c we can just go out for a couple of hours and do the smaller things.  Especially now that all of Williamsburg is going every weekend!


Calvin and I rode a dragon ride together and thought we’d take the standard “friends” pic :)

Bush Gardens May 14

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trix’s Visit

Trix came to hang out with us at the beginning of May.  Because this turned out to be her last trip before we move, we of course had to go to Colonial Williamsburg :)

Trix Visit 01Trix Visit 02Trix Visit 03Trix Visit 04Trix Visit 05

As usual, we went out to eat a few times, and one of the nights we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and Calvin got this cool crown..(pic was taken from the iPhone inside at night, so it’s a little blurry, sorry!)

Trix Visit 06

Unfortunately Calvin got a little sick while she was here, so here’s the pobresito…

Trix Visit 07

We got this basketball goal at a Young Life Yard Sale a couple of weeks ago for $10 and Calvin LOVES it!

Trix Visit 08Trix Visit 09

Then we had a photoshoot of Trix and Calvin before we dropped her off at the airport.

Trix Visit 10Trix Visit 11Trix Visit 12Trix Visit 13Trix Visit 14Trix Visit 15Trix Visit 16Trix Visit 17

Thanks for coming and hanging out with us Trix!  We love you!