Saturday, October 31, 2009


So last week was bowling week at the Hargrove home…Luke has joined a bowling league on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights he can “practice” for free. 

Here’s a pic from league night.IMG_1941Luke got bowler of the week a couple of weeks ago, so he got free passes that I got to use on Wed. night.  It was hard bowling as a preggo…I couldn’t use a ball heavier than 8 pounds which made it hard to knock down all the pins :)IMG_1954Here’s the high scores of the night….yes I was “B” which stood for Bmconditioner, which used to be my email address in middle school b/c my friend Lindsey and I loved Billy Madison and the “shampoo is better…conditioner is better” scene :)  good times.IMG_1957IMG_1959The practice hours are 9-11 pm so by 10:30 we were the only ones left in the alley, which made singing to the radio pretty fun!IMG_1962IMG_1966And here’s just a comparison of our shoe sizes…hopefully baby boy will grow up to be somewhere in the middle :)IMG_1968

Friday, October 30, 2009


OMG!! So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Tour came to Houston while I was in town!!! Can you believe it???  Lunsy took us girls (me, Laura, Jen, Lauren & Katherine) to the concert and we had front row tickets (well row 4), it was awesome!  Katherine brought binoculars, but we didn’t need those, haha.IMG_1849He’s such a big kid :)IMG_1857Here’s Jeanine (the winner) and Philip (a fellow Houstonian)IMG_1870 IMG_1934 12649_1226127863982_1552590077_30637473_252517_nIMG_1938 What a fun time.  Lauren said it was “the best time I’ve ever had!”  Thanks Lunsford!! 

Grandparent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Another reason I went to Tejas was for my mom’s parent’s 60th wedding anniversary party!  Luke came and surprised us all…what a cutie :)

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon playing outside.IMG_1799IMG_1809I guess we played too hard b/c the boys had to take a nap :)IMG_1814Saturday night we had a party at Catfish Cabin where we played games and had a slideshow of the family.  11040_187763664922_778829922_3918156_1028395_n11040_187767064922_778829922_3918170_8211824_nIMG_1817 IMG_1819Then Sunday we all went to Grandma & Grandpa’s church and ate out Chinese…yummy :)

Then we went back to the grandparent’s house and played outside some more.  You might be wondering why all of us are wearing black shirts and jeans, well we took an awesome photo of the whole fam at the church (I’ll have to post a pic if  I get one from Glenners).IMG_1824 IMG_1828 Peyton thought Fur Fur’s shoe was chocolate or something b/c he was chasing her around the lawn for it and once he got it, it went straight into the mouth :)IMG_1836 IMG_1842It was a fun weekend getting to have all the family together to celebrate such an awesome event.  We are really blessed to have such wonderful grandparents who always open their home to our craziness with love and food!! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Houston Baby Shower

Well I just got back from a 2 week trip to the Lonestar State and while I was there I had a baby shower!  Here’s a few pics of the decorations…IMG_0393IMG_0401 Here’s me with Luke’s sister Katie and my cousins’ wives Kalan & Katie (holding her new little one, Charlotte!)IMG_0400Uncle Eugene & Aunt La La!IMG_0407a 3 generations of Edgar women :)IMG_0409ab3 generations of Warners :) IMG_0412 Me w/ Luke’s mom & sister :)IMG_0414 Warner Women.IMG_0416Edgar Women (and the hostesses!)IMG_0420 Luke’s mom gave me a couple of Luke’s outfits from when he was a baby…so this is one of his shirts that looks like a newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News, super cute!  I just can’t imagine Luke being that small :)IMG_0480 And here’s the old roomies!!  We haven’t all been together since Abbi’s wedding in Jan. 2008, WOW!!  It was so great seeing them :)IMG_0491 And here’s my Austin buddies, Mona & Sofi!IMG_0493 I had a really great time seeing all my friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while.  I also felt so blessed by everyone, baby boy should know that he will have a lot of people loving on him when he comes!! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Dropbox!

I wanted to share a tool with everyone for synchronizing files between computers and phones and for sharing them on the web. It's called Dropbox and it gives you 2 GB of space that you can access anywhere.
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Most importantly though, if you sign up with this link, I get an extra 250 MB in my account:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Starfarers Catan

Did I ever mention that Luke used his “birthday money” to buy like 50 new versions of Catan??  Well let’s just say the “birthday money” was gone after the first purchase…he knows what’s he’s getting for Christmas :)

So on Saturday we got the crew together again for a shot at Starfarers Catan.  Everyone was pretty skeptical of playing it, and I don’t blame them, I mean look at the “mother ships”…can you say nerdy!  And even though the game took over 4 hours, I think everyone had fun and wants to play again :) Rachel took the prize by reaching 15 victory points first (leaving me in the dust with 6, pretty lame…)IMG_1787

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party like it’s 1984

So Rachel’s been wanting me to watch Footloose with her because I had never seen it (I know, how dare me).  We decided to have an 80s night w/ costumes, dancing, and Kevin Bacon!!  It was great :)  We also decided to craft some of course! IMG_1784 Luke is in a bowling league on Tuesdays (the 80s night) but this particular Tuesday he ended super early and came to party with us.  This is his version of “crafting”.IMG_1778After Footloose, Drew came home and we decided to make it a double header with Away We Go, both really funny and awkward :)

Baby Abby!

Our friends Kyle & Sara welcomed their beautiful baby girl Abby a couple of weeks ago on Monday, Sept. 21!  She is such a cutie…check out more fun pics at their blog.IMG_1636 Sara was exactly 3 months ahead of me…so not too long until our little guy is here!

Army 10-Mile Run

A week ago we headed up to D.C. for the Army 10-Miler.  Luke ran it along with our friends Sam, James & Sherrie.  I was signed up to run, but you know I wouldn’t make it being 7 months preggo.

Here’s the troopers after the race waiting for our metro to arrive to take us (I mean them) to some showers!IMG_1686 Sam & Chels on the metroIMG_1688 Us w/ the RamseysIMG_1689 Sherrie & me….It’s funny to think that I used to run with Sherrie in Austin and now she runs 10-milers all the time and started her own personal training business!!  Check out the website for Essentials Fitness.  I’ll probably be calling her for a “how to get back into shape after kiddo” routine :)IMG_1691 Oh and Sherrie found an EXCELLENT mexican food restaurant for us to try after the race….Uncle Julios!  We’re just sad it’s 2.5 hours from our house :(  IMG_1693 After everyone else left, we headed back to the city to meet up with our Austin buddy Vu that was on vaca for a couple of days!  He told us about this crazy program he’s involved in where you couch surf for your “hotels” when vacationing.  It sounded pretty fun!IMG_1694On the way home, Luke and I decided to rock out to 90s music…especially old school Destiny Child.  It was awesome!IMG_1698 IMG_1699  It was a really fun weekend!  And maybe you’re wondering the results of the race…well Luke & Sam finished in the top quarter (of 21,000 something people), they averaged an 8:11 mile…better than I could do for sure!!  Way to go team!