Monday, December 28, 2009

2 Week Checkup

We took Calvin to the doctor today for the first time since he left the hospital.  Everything looked good.  He was 7 lbs 14 oz when he was born, 7 lbs 6 oz when we left the hospital, and 8 lbs 10 oz today at the doctor.

He’s grown an inch, from 20 inches at birth to 21 inches tall today.  The umbilical cord came out today as well, and he’s well on his way to graduating from high school…

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Calvin Curls

Calvin and I have started a daily workout routine in order to work off some of his baby fat.  Here’s a demonstration of one of our exercises, Calvin Curls:

Now I’ll answer two questions that I know are lingering in your mind.

1. Question: Was Laura totally staged or what!?

Answer: Nope, she happened to show up in the room right as we were filming.  Totally not staged.


2. Question: What’s the main advantage to Calvin Curls over normal curls with free weights?

Answer: As your arms strengthen, the weight automatically increases.  (Assuming of course, that you continue to feed and water your child.)

If you do enough of these, you eventually look like this:


Calvin’s First Christmas

Calvin made a valiant attempt to stay up all night so that he could catch whomever might be sneakily arranging presents in the living room.  Unfortunately, this proves rather difficult whenever you are a week and a half old.

When Christmas morning finally came, we had a good time opening presents and Calvin was a good boy for the whole time…

First Christmas 001 First Christmas 002 First Christmas 003 First Christmas 004 First Christmas 005 First Christmas 006 First Christmas 007

Fish Suit

Here’s Calvin in his little fish suit…

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Service

We took Calvin to church for the first time for the Christmas Eve service.  We’ve got a thing or two to teach him though.  He sat in the back row and slept the whole time…

Christmas Eve Service 1 Christmas Eve Service 2

This is the expression Stephanie made when telling Sara that she was pretty sure Calvin has the same thumbs as her.

Christmas Eve Service 3 Christmas Eve Service 4 Christmas Eve Service 5

First Visit to Colonial Williamsburg

Calvin got to visit Colonial Williamsburg for the first time yesterday.  Now we just need to get him a 3 point colonial hat…

Colonial Williamsburg 1 Colonial Williamsburg 2 Colonial Williamsburg 3

We stopped and got some coffee and hot chocolate at Aroma’s.

Colonial Williamsburg 4 Colonial Williamsburg 5 Colonial Williamsburg 6 Colonial Williamsburg 7 Colonial Williamsburg 8Colonial Williamsburg 9

Fur practiced her mom skills.

Colonial Williamsburg 10

And we found a “Fur Tree.”

Colonial Williamsburg 11 Colonial Williamsburg 11b Colonial Williamsburg 12

Then we took some band photos.

Colonial Williamsburg 13 Colonial Williamsburg 14 Colonial Williamsburg 15 Colonial Williamsburg 16 Colonial Williamsburg 17 Colonial Williamsburg 18 Colonial Williamsburg 19 Colonial Williamsburg 20

Going Shopping

We walked Calvin over to the outlet mall on Tuesday.  The girls went shopping and the boys went bowling.  This was the first time Calvin got to ride in his stroller…

Outlet 1 Outlet 2 Outlet 3

Visiting Santa Claus

We visited Yankee Candle on Monday and said hello to Santa Claus.  Santa got to hold him pose for a few pics…

Santa 1 Santa 2Santa 3

Photo Shoot

We made a little photo studio on our couch and tried to take some artsy pictures of Calvin.  Gotta love Photoshop…

Photoshoot 1 Photoshoot 2 Photoshoot 3 Photoshoot 4Photoshoot 5 Photoshoot 6Photoshoot 7