Thursday, October 28, 2010


Our friends the Elliotts came up for a visit last week!  Their little boy, Luke, aka “Little Luke”, was going to be the the ring bearer in a New Jersey wedding on the weekend, so they stopped in Williamsburg to hang out with us :)

“Big Luke” took a day off and we headed out to Pumpkinville in Toano. 

Pumpkinville 05Pumpkinville 09Pumpkinville 10

We got lost in the Corn Maze.

Pumpkinville 11Pumpkinville 13Pumpkinville 16

And enjoyed a hayride.

Pumpkinville 21Pumpkinville 22

Then of course hung out in the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkinville 25Pumpkinville 28Pumpkinville 31Pumpkinville 33

We even found a bean bag toss that everyone loved :)

Pumpkinville 43Pumpkinville 39Pumpkinville 40

Weekend in Charlottesville

A couple of weekends ago, the Hargrove clan headed to Charlottesville to hang out with our dear friends James and Sherrie!  We haven’t hung out with them since April, so it was long overdue.

On Saturday morning we headed out to an apple orchard in the mountains.  Crazy enough we ran into the Mortiers and van Stempvoorts!  Small world!  We were excited to see Steve, Liz & Sam again, they moved to Roanoke in May and we really miss them!!

Charlottesville 03

First thing’s first, we enjoyed some delicious hot apple cider and apple cider donuts, very tasty.

Charlottesville 02

Then we got some family photos :)

Charlottesville 04Charlottesville 05Charlottesville 07Charlottesville 10

The girls..Charlottesville 13

The boys..Charlottesville 17

Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Sherrie’s boss’ 97-acre estate, which was beautiful.  We enjoyed a bike ride around the land (or tried to enjoy, as Sherrie’s bike wasn’t working right).

Charlottesville 20Charlottesville 22

Unfortunately we forgot to bring Catan with us (which is always what we do with the Ramsey’s), but we had fun rocking out with Rock Band :) I will say that I’m pretty happening on the drums!

We had a great weekend hanging out with good friends!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Etsy Name

Ok people....I am finally trying to get my act together and sell stuff on Etsy. However, I'm not sure I'm feeling my current name: Elephant Fashions. SO I need some suggestions!

Tell me what you think.