Saturday, October 31, 2009


So last week was bowling week at the Hargrove home…Luke has joined a bowling league on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights he can “practice” for free. 

Here’s a pic from league night.IMG_1941Luke got bowler of the week a couple of weeks ago, so he got free passes that I got to use on Wed. night.  It was hard bowling as a preggo…I couldn’t use a ball heavier than 8 pounds which made it hard to knock down all the pins :)IMG_1954Here’s the high scores of the night….yes I was “B” which stood for Bmconditioner, which used to be my email address in middle school b/c my friend Lindsey and I loved Billy Madison and the “shampoo is better…conditioner is better” scene :)  good times.IMG_1957IMG_1959The practice hours are 9-11 pm so by 10:30 we were the only ones left in the alley, which made singing to the radio pretty fun!IMG_1962IMG_1966And here’s just a comparison of our shoe sizes…hopefully baby boy will grow up to be somewhere in the middle :)IMG_1968

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The Joiners said...

HA HA the bmconditioner e-mail address made me laugh! Here's a fun fact: my screen name from 8th grade through college was CookieAJN. Nothing significant about that except that I'm such a fat kid that I included my favorite dessert in my screen name. Special :)