Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back in your lunchbox days

Off to school I go…

Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Months

Here’s Calvin’s 12 Month pictures…

Calvin 12 Months 01Calvin 12 Months 02Calvin 12 Months 03Calvin 12 Months 04Calvin 12 Months 05Calvin 12 Months 06Calvin 12 Months 07Calvin 12 Months 08Calvin 12 Months 09Calvin 12 Months 10Calvin 12 Months 11Calvin 12 Months 12Calvin 12 Months 13Calvin 12 Months 14Calvin 12 Months 15Calvin 12 Months 16Calvin 12 Months 17Calvin 12 Months 18Calvin 12 Months 19

Friday, December 17, 2010

Walking For Real

Looks like walking has become his primary means of transportation…

Sunday, December 12, 2010


We celebrated Little Man’s first birthday yesterday with some of his friends.  I’m not going to get emotional about this just yet.  He’s not officially 1 until tomorrow at 4:31pm :)

Anyway, here are some excerpts from the party…

Calvin Party Invitation Blog

Here is a video of the overall set up for the party:


And here are a bunch of pictures…

First Birthday Party - 01First Birthday Party - 02First Birthday Party - 03First Birthday Party - 04First Birthday Party - 05First Birthday Party - 09First Birthday Party - 18First Birthday Party - 19First Birthday Party - 23First Birthday Party - 24First Birthday Party - 33First Birthday Party - 35First Birthday Party - 36First Birthday Party - 38First Birthday Party - 42First Birthday Party - 50aFirst Birthday Party - 53First Birthday Party - 59First Birthday Party - 61First Birthday Party - 70

We think Calvin had a pretty fun time at his party and we’re so blessed to have so many friends share his happy day with us!

We took video of him opening presents too, but it’s taking forever to upload, so maybe I’ll post it later :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday Cake

Here’s a quick post of Calvin’s birthday cake from his party this afternoon! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Gerber Generation Photo Search!

Once again I have been slow to posting new pictures…hopefully I’ll get to that soon :)

For now though, we have entered a photo of Calvin in Gerber’s “Looking for its next star” photo contest!

Gerber-300x164Voting for our little cutie is encouraged as the winner gets a $25,000 Scholarship!  And I might be biased, but I think Calvin is the cutest kid ever :)

Gerber Generation Photo Search 2

This is the photo we submitted:


So to vote:

Visit the Gerber Voting site and search for Calvin’s ID – 217345, it wasn’t working for me to search for his name.

Or a direct link to Calvin’s photo is here.

You have to enter your email when you vote.  Gerber sends you an email with a link you have to click by the end of the day in order for the vote to count.  So be sure to check your email and click the link!

Limit of 1 vote per day, per computer, per email address…So I guess multiple computers and email addresses can vote multiple times :)

Let’s help this little man win!!  So far he has 7 votes (2 are mine), so looks like some people love him already!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

College Run Pumpkins

The weekend before Halloween, we headed out to College Run Farm across the ferry with some friends to pick some pumpkins!

Check out Calvin’s hair in the wind!

College Run Pumpkins 02College Run Pumpkins 03

We tried to get some cute pumpkin photos again, wearing his “Boo” shirt given by Grandma…but of course he wanted to look everywhere but at the camera!

College Run Pumpkins 06College Run Pumpkins 07College Run Pumpkins 09

I thought this was a funny one, looks like he’s smoking something!  Haha, should I be laughing at that??

College Run Pumpkins 12

Paddle Boats

We also rented some paddle boats at Waller Mill with the Elliotts…All the kids loved it, including Calvin :)

Elliotts - Boats 01Elliotts - Boats 05Elliotts - Boats 08Elliotts - Boats 14Elliotts - Boats 16Elliotts - Boats 18

Luke was making me mad, so I pushed him in the lake! Ha, too bad we didn’t get any pictures of that…But anyway, Aliza thought that was soooo funny, so she “fell” in too!

Elliotts - Boats 20Elliotts - Boats 21