Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandparent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Another reason I went to Tejas was for my mom’s parent’s 60th wedding anniversary party!  Luke came and surprised us all…what a cutie :)

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon playing outside.IMG_1799IMG_1809I guess we played too hard b/c the boys had to take a nap :)IMG_1814Saturday night we had a party at Catfish Cabin where we played games and had a slideshow of the family.  11040_187763664922_778829922_3918156_1028395_n11040_187767064922_778829922_3918170_8211824_nIMG_1817 IMG_1819Then Sunday we all went to Grandma & Grandpa’s church and ate out Chinese…yummy :)

Then we went back to the grandparent’s house and played outside some more.  You might be wondering why all of us are wearing black shirts and jeans, well we took an awesome photo of the whole fam at the church (I’ll have to post a pic if  I get one from Glenners).IMG_1824 IMG_1828 Peyton thought Fur Fur’s shoe was chocolate or something b/c he was chasing her around the lawn for it and once he got it, it went straight into the mouth :)IMG_1836 IMG_1842It was a fun weekend getting to have all the family together to celebrate such an awesome event.  We are really blessed to have such wonderful grandparents who always open their home to our craziness with love and food!! :)

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