Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Muscle Man

Trix got Calvin this awesome muscle man swimsuit, so of course we had to try it out.  It works pretty good and not to mention, it looks ridiculous! :)

Muscle Man 01Muscle Man 02Muscle Man 03

Calvin wanted to make sure Woody, Buzz & Sully had some pool fun too.

I’m thinking about using the suit to make some sort of muscle man outfit for Halloween.  What do you think?  Or I’m thinking about doing Russell and Carl from UP.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!

Friday was Luke’s 27th birthday and we spent the weekend celebrating!  Friday night we went to The County Line on the Lake with Sandy & Mike (unfortunately we didn’t get a picture with them..)

Luke's Birthday - 01Luke's Birthday - 02Luke's Birthday - 03Luke's Birthday - 04Luke's Birthday - 05Luke's Birthday - 06

Then Saturday we had fun around the house before heading to the Circus!

Luke's Birthday - 07Luke's Birthday - 08Luke's Birthday - 09

(Sorry for the ghetto picture, I was told you couldn’t bring detachable lens cameras into the arena, but we totally could have!)

Saturday night, Joe & Mona & their kiddos and Axel & Heather came over for dinner and to hang out.  Calvin loved playing with pushing Faith, Aliza & Luke :)  The Elliotts spent the night too, so we had a fun Sunday morning dance party with them!

Happy Birthday Luke!  I hope you felt extra special this weekend!  We love you :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look what finally came!

Yesterday, my new ring set finally came in the mail!  It has been no fun not having a wedding ring for the past 7 weeks.  When we sent the rings to the jeweler, they acted like we’d have them within 3 weeks.  So I was getting pretty anxious to get them back!  But it was totally worth it :)

Rings 01Rings 02Rings 03

Doesn’t the scar on my pointer finger look lovely :) 

I have to brag on my man, he’s da bomb (dot) com…Seriously, I love him!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yummy Enchiladas

Looks like Calvin enjoyed the Cheese Enchiladas we had for dinner the other night..

Yummy Enchiladas - 01Yummy Enchiladas - 02Yummy Enchiladas - 03Yummy Enchiladas - 04

Are you kidding me??

Yummy Enchiladas - 05

Friday, August 19, 2011

Look what we got in the mail today!

Omg, we have the best friends in the world!  Our sweet friends Josh, Jessie & James sent our little family a fruit basket as a house warming gift!  They are so amazing and we miss them so much!  We are rooting for Josh to get a grad school position at A&M so we can see them more :)

Gift Basket - 01

Of course Calvin wanted his picture taken when he saw the camera!

Gift Basket - 02Gift Basket - 03

The basket was full of pears from Argentina and apples from New Zealand, mixed nuts, crackers & cheese (some of Calvin’s favorites!).  It also had a sweet note saying they missed us in Williamsburg :)

Gift Basket - 04

Thank you so much Lewis family!  We love you!

New Curtains

The past owners left their living room curtains up with the rod after moving out.  We really liked the rod, but the fabric for the curtains didn’t match our d├ęcor. 

Curtains - 01Curtains - 02

So I decided to take the red curtains we had that were too short and extend them by adding some gold fabric I found at Ross (they were actually gold curtains themselves). 

Curtains - 03

It was a really simple project.  I just made finished edges on the gold panels after cutting them to size, then I sewed them to each of the red panels.  And there you go!

Curtains - 04Curtains - 05

Total cost for the project: $8.99 +tax for the gold fabric.  Buying new curtains that size would’ve been pretty pricey I’m sure.  Then there’s the task of finding what you want, which is never easy!

And because the original fabric is nice looking (and had tassels!), my mom took the curtains to use in on of her rooms!  Way to reuse :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Bathtub

Calvin gets to take his baths in the big Jacuzzi tub.  I think he liked it, especially all the bubbles!

New Bathtub 01

His eyes went kind of freaky here :)

New Bathtub 02

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPad with Pawpaw

Well Calvin has decided to call Luke’s dad Pawpaw or Papa, not sure on the spelling yet.  So here are the boys, doing what they do best, playing some Angry Birds:


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We pulled up into the driveway of our beautiful new home on Aug 2.  It was a great feeling :)

Home Sweet Home

More pics of the house to come.  Stay tuned.

Goodbye Virginia

Our last day in VA was July 31, sad day.  We loved living in Williamsburg.  We made amazing friends and loved our church.  It was definitely hard to leave, but we knew it was going to be good to get to Texas.

We got to go to church one last time on the morning we headed out.

Goodbye VA - 01Goodbye VA - 02Goodbye VA - 03

Then we spent the day playing xbox while the movers were loading the truck.  You can see that our friend Jacob came to VA, he actually came to help us drive back, what a great friend :)

Goodbye VA - 04Goodbye VA - 05

Then after everything was out and the house was cleaned, we were ready to go.  Just look at Calvin’s face in each of the pics, he was excited to hit the road :)

Goodbye VA - 06Goodbye VA - 07Goodbye VA - 08Goodbye VA - 09

Monday, August 15, 2011

Going Away Party

Well we haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, but I hope the 1500 mile move will allow you to forgive us :)

Anyway, before we left, our friends Amy, David & Joshua threw a little going away party for us!  It was a great way to end our time in Virginia and we loved getting to share it with all our friends!

We tried to take pics with all the couples/families, but we only got a few of them (of course!).  Here we are with the Lewis’.

Going Away Party - 01

And this was our way to get Calvin to stop squirming around :)

Going Away Party - 02

Here’s little Ava, and you can see Jeni’s beautiful smile as she holds her!

Going Away Party - 03

With the Mortiers.

Going Away Party - 04

Calvin chasing Nathan because he doesn’t want them to leave.

Going Away Party - 05

With the McMillians.

Going Away Party - 06

With the Millers.

Going Away Party - 07

With the Hoffmans.

Going Away Party - 08

Thanks Amy & David for such a nice party!  We will miss you :)