Sunday, October 11, 2009

Army 10-Mile Run

A week ago we headed up to D.C. for the Army 10-Miler.  Luke ran it along with our friends Sam, James & Sherrie.  I was signed up to run, but you know I wouldn’t make it being 7 months preggo.

Here’s the troopers after the race waiting for our metro to arrive to take us (I mean them) to some showers!IMG_1686 Sam & Chels on the metroIMG_1688 Us w/ the RamseysIMG_1689 Sherrie & me….It’s funny to think that I used to run with Sherrie in Austin and now she runs 10-milers all the time and started her own personal training business!!  Check out the website for Essentials Fitness.  I’ll probably be calling her for a “how to get back into shape after kiddo” routine :)IMG_1691 Oh and Sherrie found an EXCELLENT mexican food restaurant for us to try after the race….Uncle Julios!  We’re just sad it’s 2.5 hours from our house :(  IMG_1693 After everyone else left, we headed back to the city to meet up with our Austin buddy Vu that was on vaca for a couple of days!  He told us about this crazy program he’s involved in where you couch surf for your “hotels” when vacationing.  It sounded pretty fun!IMG_1694On the way home, Luke and I decided to rock out to 90s music…especially old school Destiny Child.  It was awesome!IMG_1698 IMG_1699  It was a really fun weekend!  And maybe you’re wondering the results of the race…well Luke & Sam finished in the top quarter (of 21,000 something people), they averaged an 8:11 mile…better than I could do for sure!!  Way to go team!

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