Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Rache!

Last Friday night we celebrated Rache’s golden birthday, 26 on the 26th (well we celebrated the night before).  We were super excited and surprised to see the new Goggin family show up (I’m loving their faces as Drew caught them off guard coming into the room).IMG_2923[1] Of course we played our games…here’s our table of Catan: Germany with Laura & Jeni.IMG_2931[1] And here’s the other table playing Puerto Rico (L to R: Liz, Steve, Nathan, Rache, Daniel, Drew…just in case you were wanting a face to go with who I’m always talking about :) )IMG_2932[1] The Chicas!  (Sara and Kyle left early with their new little one)IMG_2938[1] The Chicos!IMG_2941[1] And the group!IMG_2946[1]What a fun time hanging out with our buddies :)  Oh and I would like everyone to know that I won both Catan and Manhattan (we got 2 games in b/c Puerto Rico is a long one)!  I don’t mean to brag, but after being on such a Catan losing streak, it was nice to win again :)

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Trix said...

Way to go, Stephers!!! Knew you would make us proud! Looks like ya'll have a great group of friends!!!