Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Picking!

On Saturday after the party, we celebrate the birth of Rachel again!  I love celebrating things :)  We headed over the ferry to Surry and picked pumpkins at College Run FarmsIMG_2958[1] And of course Luke would go for the mammoth pumpkin as soon as we pulled up…it actually did have a name something like that!IMG_1644He’s so proud :)IMG_2964[1] As you can see, Rachel and I decided to go for the smaller gourds.  I don’t think it’s recommended that preggos carry around mammoth pumpkins. IMG_2969[1]  Have I ever mentioned that Liz & Steve have a little boy, Sam, who could possibly be exactly 1 year older than our little boy??  Well here they are, so cute!  IMG_1654 I think Luke is ready for our kiddo to get here and be 10 months so he can play with him.  When Liz didn’t have Sam in the backpack thing, Luke was there to steal him :)IMG_2967[1]And Sam loved the pumpkins….especially eating them (or trying to).IMG_1671Here’s the pumpkin picking gang!IMG_1678 And here’s everyone’s stash (minus the small gourds).  I think we made out like a bandit.  The mammoths were only $6!!IMG_2976[1]I don’t remember ever going to a pumpkin patch before, so this was a super fun experience.  Definitely something we will be bringing little man to next year!  Good idea Rachel!

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Trix said...

Luke would find the biggest pumpkin there!! Can't believe ya'll are wearing jackets/long sleeves - still way too hot and humid here for that!!! Sam is pretty cute! Luke is going to make a geat Daddy!!!