Thursday, November 13, 2008

The best Sci-Fi film of all time

So Tuesday night Luke and I had the privilege of seeing "one of the greatest films ever made" "a simply excellent film" "the best Sci-Fi movie ever"....Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. Our lives are now complete according to the raving reviews on imdb, who gives it an 8.3/10. I guess we should've read the reviews of the people who have minds saying it was "boring" and "a waste of time."

For those of you who don't know, a blade runner is a specialty cop whose job is to kill replicants which are genetically engineered people made to colonize other planets. Four of these replicants came back to earth because they figured out they have fixed lifespans and want to live longer, so they come to have a talking with their maker (however, they are dangerous). Sounds like a good film huh? It got us intrigued. HOWEVER, it is probably the slowest movie I have ever seen. After the first 5 minutes, I was almost falling asleep and asked Luke if he was liking it (he said he thought it was a little boring). We thought we'd give it some time to see when the "action" was going to start, but it never did. Sure there were little action sequences here and there, but majorly boring. Maybe I just don't appreciate good films or whatever, but this is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

I just can't believe that it got an 8.3/10 when some of my favorite movies like The Count of Monte Cristo, Narnia, Harry Potter, and Enchanted only got 7-something/10. I just don't get it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Historic Day In Our Nation's History

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a historic day for our nation and the world as a whole. Never before has a greater man accomplished so much for the greater good. Never before has America been indebted so much to the ingenuity of one man. Our country ought to be united for change in light of this man's contribution.

It was on November 5, 1955, Dr. Emmett L. Brown was hanging a clock while standing on his toilet. The porcelain was wet, and he slipped. He fell and hit his head on the edge of the sink. When he awoke, he had a vision of the flux capacitor. Yes, today is a great day indeed. It is the 53rd anniversary of the flux capacitor.

...and you thought I was going to talk about Obama. :)