Friday, March 30, 2012


I took some pics of Steph and Calvin in the bluebonnets this afternoon.

Bluebonnets 1Bluebonnets 2Bluebonnets 3Bluebonnets 4Bluebonnets 5Bluebonnets 6Bluebonnets 7Bluebonnets 8Bluebonnets 9Bluebonnets 10Bluebonnets 11Bluebonnets 12Bluebonnets 13Bluebonnets 14Bluebonnets 15Bluebonnets 16Bluebonnets 17

Driving Miss Daisy

As most of you know, Calvin is obsessed with cars.  And part of his new obsession is getting in and out of his car seat by himself…Or as he says, “No mommy, Caltin do it".  Yes, he calls himself Caltin, but you better not call him that or he’ll correct you by calling himself Caltin again.  Seems to think he’s saying it correctly.

Anyway, after I unbuckled his seat, he proceeded to climb all around the car and made it to the driver’s seat.  Don’t worry grandparents, the keys were safely in my pocket :)

Driving Miss Daisy 01Driving Miss Daisy 02Driving Miss Daisy 03Driving Miss Daisy 04

He always seems to leave the blinkers on, which freaks me out the next time I get in the car :)

Craft Fail

So I know I haven’t been the best poster lately, but this one is just funny. 

I’ve been trying to have a wreath and mantel decoration for all the holidays/seasons since we’ve been here, and let’s just say they don’t always work out…

Craft Fail 01

Yep, there are some missing peeps on that wreath.  I wasn’t too excited about how it turned out in the first place, but it was fun and Calvin liked it…until it got hot and muggy.  Then the little bunnies started sweating as you can see in the pic below.

Craft Fail 02

And we lost a few…Calvin yelled “Peeps!  Ewww grwoss”, but yet still wanted to pick one up to eat it.  Talk about gross!

Craft Fail 03

You can see all the yellow “sweat” from our little friends on the metal plate.

Craft Fail 04

Looks like I’ll be making a new wreath for Easter/spring this weekend :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012