Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alaska Day 3

Talkeetna & Baseball
7:30 – Eat breakfast at Earth B&B
8:30 – Hit the road for Fairbanks
12 – Soak up the views of Denali from Talkeetna
12:30 – Eat lunch at the Talkeetna Roadhouse
7 – Check out the Midnight Sun Festival
8 – Grab dinner downtown
10:30 – Cheer for the Alaska Gold Panners at the Midnight Sun Baseball Game

This was our big driving day, 387 miles from Anchorage to Fairbanks.  Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city with a population of 292,000 and Fairbanks is the 2nd largest with 35,000….talk about small cities!  Alaska’s population as a whole is only 710,000…smaller than Austin!  Fairbanks is basically the most northern lived in city.

Anchroage to Fairbanks

Anyway, to break our drive up some, we stopped in Talkeetna to enjoy small town life and some lunch at the Talkeetna Roadhouse.  It was basically one main street with a couple of restaurants and gift shops on either side.  Nobody drove the street either, you just park and walk.  Our lunch was pretty good, except the service was slllllloooooowww.  It was a “seat yourselves” type place and we had to sit outside.  Luke went in several times to ask for service, even though they assured us someone would be with right with us.  Let’s just say their food better had been good by that point!  We were starving :)  We enjoyed their famous “pasties” and chili.  The pasty was basically all your food wrapped in a croissant, pretty tasty.  And the chili had reindeer meat in it…don’t tell Santa!

Alaska 088Alaska 089Alaska 090

After enjoying some homemade ice-cream, we continued our journey to Fairbanks.  Although the drive was super long, it paralleled Denali National Park, so the scenery was beautiful!

We finally arrived around 6 at A Taste of Alaska B&B, where we would be staying the next 2 nights.  It was a cute little place where we had our own cottage.  SOO much nicer than Earth B&B.  Then we noticed that the Midnight Sun Festival was actually on Sunday afternoon and it was Tuesday…oops on that one!  So, we decided to take a nap because the baseball game didn’t start until 10:30 PM and we didn’t want to fall asleep during the first inning!  That night we ate at the most expensive Chili’s you could eat at…$8.99 for chips & queso!! Can you believe that???

Anyway, we arrived to the Midnight Sun Baseball Game around 10 PM.  Little did we know, that to get a good seat, no, to get any seat, you needed to show up hours early, except Luke thought the gate didn’t open until 10.  We were total tourists looking for somewhere to sit.  We searched back and forth and back and forth until we finally decided to sit on the floor in front of the 1st base seats.  Also this “stadium” was the size of a little league stadium.  Luke got the impression that it was like a AAA league, but it was a team made up of college players keeping their skills up for the summer. 

It was sprinkling a little, so some of the fans left and we got a real seat :)  Most of these pics were taken at or around midnight.  Pretty crazy.

Alaska 091Alaska 092Alaska 093Alaska 094Alaska 095Alaska 096Alaska 097

And because it was midnight we thought we’d leave and go to bed.  It felt like Alaskans shouldn’t need as much sleep because it is dark only like 2 hours of the day, but we’re Texans and we needed sleep :)

And it turns out that although the sun was still out, the game was postponed at 1:30 AM due to rain. 

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