Sunday, July 3, 2011

5th Anniversary for Realzies

This year we celebrated 5 years of marriage.  Luke took me to North Carolina on the weekend of our anniversary for a little getaway.  I thought this was how we were celebrating it.  Boy was I wrong!

Our little family headed to Houston Thurs, June 16 for our friends’, J.P. & Lara, wedding on Sat night.  Luke was scheduled to go back to VA on Sunday afternoon while Calvin and I stayed in TX for the week.  On the drive home from the wedding, Luke told me there was a gift under my seat that he wanted me to have b/c I wasn’t going to see him for a week.  It was an envelope with our wedding invitation inside.  Or so I thought.  He actually wrote something new on the paper that read:

Luke Aaron Hargrove,
your husband,
requests the honor of your presence
the week of June nineteenth
as we celebrate five years of marriage
in a land far away.
This is the first
of seven surprises
you will find
in the next seven days.

Then I freaked out for a few minutes, saying things like, “Are you for real?” “What?” “Are you kidding me?”…stuff like that. 

As of now, I still didn’t know where we were going, so I spend a time trying to guess.  It was an easy guess once I knew it was in the U.S.  ALASKA!  Luke went to Alaska on a boy scout’s trip back when he was 13 and always wanted to go back. 

After guessing our destination, I was allowed to open Surprise 2, which was an envelope filled with brochures of Alaska and a photobook Luke made with our trip’s itinerary.  For those of you who know Luke, he planned it down to a T…he didn’t want to have to make any decisions once we were there.  He even picked out the restaurants we would be eating at!

Then I asked about all the logistics, like “I didn’t pack for Alaska!?” “What about Calvin?”…stuff like that.  Turns out Luke had mailed some clothes of mine to my parent’s house and my mom took jackets home when she visited in May.  And because Laura is studying aboard in Rome, I had my pick of the stuff she left behind :)  Then of course, my parents were planning on keeping Calvin for the week. 

So everything was set.  I spent Sunday morning, before heading to the airport, packing for a week in Alaska….and figuring out what I was going to do with out my baby boy for a week!

I’ll write the rest of the posts starting with the itinerary for each day, which I found in the photobook :)

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