Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calvin’s First Movie Theater Experience

That’s right, we decided to take Calvin to the movies.  If he wants to be part of this family, he has to have a love for movies.  As you may have picked up from past posts, Calvin is a little obsessed with the movie Cars.  And Cars 2 just happens to be in theaters now, so we took the little man to see it.

Calvin did pretty well. He sat through the 15 minutes of previews and about 2/3rds of the movie. By that point he was getting antsy, so we let him walk up and down the stairs. We went to the 10 AM showing on a Tuesday so there weren’t many people seeing the show with us.

Luke said I could get arrested for taking this pic :)

Cars 2 - 01

This is what he did as soon as the credits came on….back and forth in front of the screen :)

Cars 2 - 02

Here’s how he enjoyed his new favorite movie!

Cars 2 - 03

He didn’t really like sharing his coke with me though :)

Cars 2 - 04Cars 2 - 05

I like how he’s pointing at Lightning McQueen here.

Cars 2 - 06

And the word “Cars” here…is he a genius baby or something?

Cars 2 - 07

He also had to wear his favorite “Cars” t-shirt which is actually part of a pj set :)

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