Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alaska Day 4

Chena Hot Springs
8 – Eat breakfast at the Lodge
9 – Check out the Museum of the North
10 – Watch the Dynamic Aurora Movie
11 – Drive to Chena Hot Springs
1 – Eat lunch at the resort
2:30 – Check out the Aurora Ice Museum
4:30 – Swim and relax in the mineral baths
7 – Dinner at Two Rivers Lodge

After breakfast we headed to the Museum of the North to learn some about Alaskan History.  There was a high school field trip there, so kids were sitting around everywhere writing stuff, I don’t know what.

At the museum we also saw a movie about the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights.  Luke and I thought the 30 minute movie was well made and interesting.  Not the others in the audience though.  Probably about 10 adults, you know, grown ups, left during the 30 minute movie.  I mean, they couldn’t just watch it?  They paid for it.  It was very distracting, and I was shocked that it was adults and not kids doing it.  This is after people were coming in late too. 

Alaska 105

After the museum we headed to the hot springs.  It was about an hour drive out to the resort.  Once we got there, we ate lunch and walked around the property.  It was a little drizzly, so we tried to stay indoors mostly.  I had been enjoying hot chocolate everywhere we went but I was extremely disappointed with the $4 pack of Swiss Miss they gave me! 

Basically the resort was discovered by some dudes in search of “Healing Waters” aka the hot springs.  Currently this guy Bernie Karl owns and runs it.  He is trying to make it all “green” friendly, so they use the hot springs to run electricity to the resort.  Impressed?  I paid attention on our Geothermal Tour :)

Here I am feeding one of their goats and drinking my nasty hot chocolate.

Alaska 106

Next we walked through the ice museum and boy was it fa fa freezing.  You can actually pay $600 a night to stay in one of the rooms, but Luke knows me well and decided that wouldn’t be a good idea :)  Supposedly this is the second ice museum on the property, the first one melted, about poor planning.

Alaska 098Alaska 099Alaska 100Alaska 101Alaska 102Alaska 103Alaska 104Alaska 107Alaska 108


After touring around a house of ice, we warmed up in the hot springs.  We couldn’t really take a picture without getting wet, but here’s one from online.  There wasn’t snow around when we were there, but it was pretty cool outside so the hot springs felt really nice. 

Chena Hot Springs

After relaxing in the springs we got all dressed up and headed to dinner.  On the drive to the restaurant we saw a Moose on the side of the road taking a drink! 

Alaska 109Alaska 110

At the restaurant, I got to open Surprise 4.  Now let me just tell you how awesome my husband is.  Not only did he give me this surprise trip, he also got me a 2nd wedding band to complete my ring set!  Actually I just opened the mold of the band b/c they needed my rings to custom make it, but it’s in the making now :)


I told Luke that when people meet him or just know him a little, they’d never know he has this super romantic side…I love that about him.

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