Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alaska Day 7

Exploring Anchorage
7:30 – Eat breakfast at the Denali Cabins
8 – Drive to Anchorage
12 – Eat at Krazy Moose Subs
1 – Visit the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Headquarters
2 – Spend the afternoon exploring downtown Anchorage
7 – Head to the airport
8:40 – Fly back to Houston

This was our last day in Alaska.  We started by driving back to Anchorage, but before we got there, we stopped in Wasilla to eat at Krazy Moose Subs and explore the Iditarod Museum.

Alaska 202

Think you have bad gas prices?  Here’s what they charge right outside the park.

Alaska 203

There was a volunteer’s picnic at the Iditarod “museum”, which was basically a wall with paintings of the winners and newspaper clips from some of the races.  Oh well, now we can say we’ve been there :)

Alaska 204

We decided to check the status of our flight and noticed that it was delayed 3 hours!  Ahh, what do to with the time.  We’d been wanting to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4, so it seemed like a perfect way to spend our extra time. 

After the movie, we went to explore downtown Anchorage.  The whole trip I wanted to see salmon jump up river and a bear catch it in the air.  So we went to a salmon viewing spot and no such luck.   We didn’t even see any fish at all…bummer.

Alaska 205

We did see Sarah Palin though!

Alaska 206

And we were recommended by both our Nathan friends to eat the whiskey bbq ribs and house root beer at The Brewhouse, so we did and they were delicious.  We had to get it to-go b/c the wait time was 2 hours!

Alaska 207

Then we headed to the airport and waited until 11:45 before boarding…it was a long day.  I opened Surprise 7 on the plane.  It was a list of all the funny things that happened in planning a surprise trip across the country.  Including Luke opening a no-interest credit card so I wouldn’t see all his charges!

It was such a fun trip and I have the best husband for planning it!  I love you Luke.

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Trix said...

WOW! So impressed! Luke, you're the "Best Son-in-Law in the Whole World"!