Monday, July 11, 2011

VA Zoo

We headed to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk to meet our friends and take advantage of my Houston Zoo membership.  The membership we have is pretty awesome, I got all of my friends in for free!  Thanks Poppy & Trix!

Here’s Calvin with Evie & James.

VA Zoo - 01

He loves blowing bubbles, he gets them pretty big too!

VA Zoo - 02VA Zoo - 03VA Zoo - 04VA Zoo - 05VA Zoo - 06

And after they pop his face is nice and slobbery :)

VA Zoo - 07

Here’s everyone checking out the bears…Calvin was over there too, but he decided it was more fun to run off.

VA Zoo - 08VA Zoo - 09

This was the only way he stayed happy.

VA Zoo - 10

But of course he wanted to go the wrong way and wasn’t too happy when I made him turn around….boy was that the biggest tantrum I’ve ever seen.  You would think I was being a selfish mother for torturing my child by taking him to the zoo….sheesh!

VA Zoo - 11

Here are the little guys (& girls!)

VA Zoo - 12

Calvin must be trying to tell me something….doesn’t like elephants! Ahh!

VA Zoo - 13

And here’s the whole group.  We had a good turn out and a lot of fun!

VA Zoo - 14


Lunsford said...

Funny...when WE took him to the Houston Zoo while you were in Alaska, he threw the BIGGEST tantrum I've seen in many years! He threw himself on the ground and wailed and screamed like we tortued him or something!!!

Trix said...

I think Calvin threw a big fit because this long haired tall guy was chasing him. He was too fast for me!