Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alaska Day 1

Off to Anchorage
11:50 – Take off from Houston
6:48 – Land in Anchorage
7 – Pick up the rental car
7:15 – Grab some quick dinner
8 – Hike the Flattop Mountain Trail
10 – Check in to the Earth Bed & Breakfast

(all times are Alaskan…sounds like they speak a different language, hah)

Here we are at the airport waiting to board for Anchorage:

Alaska 001Alaska 002

Our plane was delayed a couple of hours, so we didn’t get into Anchorage until after 9.  By then we were too tired to hike the trail, even though it was definitely still light outside for it!

We basically just crashed when we got to the B&B.  This style B&B was different than others we’ve been to.  We had to share the bathroom with the other guests…not a big fan of that one!  Then at 2:30 AM, someone was trying to break in our room!  We were both out of it from being asleep, but Luke stumbled over to the door to see what was going on.  Turns out the dumbos couldn’t read a map of what room was theirs for the night.  We weren’t too happy about that wake up call!

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