Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beach Bums

Our friend Zac had a last minute trip up to Virginia for work so we got to hang out with him this weekend.  We went to the beach and braved the chilly weather.

Beach Bums 01 Beach Bums 02 Beach Bums 03

Calvin was super excited to see the ocean.

Beach Bums 04 Beach Bums 05 Beach Bums 06 Beach Bums 07 Beach Bums 08 Beach Bums 09

Stephanie of course froze to the core in about 2 and half minutes, so the beach trip was short lived.  But well worth the trip for this picture:

Beach Bums 10

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Mallory said...

The second picture on this post - with just Calvin and the ocean in the background is awesome. Y'all should really get that framed!