Friday, January 8, 2010

Sleeping Everywhere

If there’s one thing Calvin can do, it’s sleep everywhere and anywhere and in any position. 

Not me, I’ve got what I have clinically diagnosed for myself as a “sensitive circadian rhythm.”  If I don’t go to bed and get up at roughly the same time each night, I might as well just stay up because I won’t be able to sleep when I want to.

Which is why I’m posting on the blog at 2 AM on a Thursday night.  Here are three sleeping positions for you:

Exhibit A: Calvin sleeping in mommy’s arms.  Notice the wide open mouth like his father.  That is the natural position of my mouth.

Sleeping Everywhere 1 Sleeping Everywhere 2 Sleeping Everywhere 3

Exhibit B: Calvin sleeping in the car seat.  By far his favorite, I’m assuming it’s because it feels the most snug.

Sleeping Everywhere 4Sleeping Everywhere 5

Exhibit C: Calvin sleeping while being supported only by his armpits.  Notice the resourceful shoulder lean which he has implemented to accomplish this feat.

Sleeping Everywhere 6 Sleeping Everywhere 7 Sleeping Everywhere 8

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