Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from the 3 Hargroves

Stephanie’s family left town yesterday, and the last day and a half has been pretty lazy.  This is the first time that Stephanie and I have been singularly responsible for the well being of Calvin.  I have good news to report, he’s alive, and in good spirits overall.

We’ve made good use of our time watching seasons 4, 5, and 6 of The Office.  Calvin enjoys the show I think, but it’s my suspicion that most of the jokes go over his head.  (Quite literally I might add, you may notice in the picture below that both the screen and the speakers are placed higher than his entire body.)

New Years 1

I’m probably going to get in trouble for that picture, but I thought it helped to illustrate the laziness.  In other news, Calvin was kind of fussy today, we think he’s going through a growth spurt.  As for our super exciting New Year’s celebration, mommy and son fell asleep watching The Office about 11:

New Years 2 New Years 3

I took the opportunity to flip it over to the Carson Daly New Year’s eve special (Go back to TRL, fool).  Here’s a quick video of the Hargrove family ringing in the new year:

As you can see, Steph woke up from about 11:58 to 12:04, and then it was back to sleep.  Hopefully she can get some rest in 2010. :)

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Lunsford said...

Happy new year Calvin & family!!!