Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Month

Calvin turned one month today! (Well, I’m writing this at 12:30 AM on January 14th, but you get the idea.)  For some reason he was pretty much the fussiest he’s been since he was born.

I had to leave the house to visit customers and was gone most of the day, but according to Stephanie, Calvin didn’t take a nap all day.  It was more of an eat-cry-eat-cry-slightly calm-cry-eat-cry type of scenario.

I can only imagine that there must be all kinds of pains and strange phenomena associated with growing 10% in weight every 2 weeks, so I feel for him.  Also, we noticed what appears to be an ingrown toenail on his right big toe.  It’s kind of red and looks like some I’ve had in the past.  He doesn’t appreciate it being touched either.  Stephers is gonna take him to the doc tomorrow to get it checked out.

We did get him calmed down enough this evening some though to take some pretty cute 1 month old pictures.  Enjoy!

One Month 01 One Month 02 One Month 03 One Month 04 One Month 05 One Month 06 One Month 07 One Month 08 One Month 09 One Month 10 One Month 11 One Month 12 One Month 13 One Month 14 One Month 15 One Month 16

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Trix said...

Happy "One Month and One Day" Birthday, Calvin!!! You are greatly treasured and loved!!!