Friday, August 21, 2009

New Catan Game!

My parents sent Luke a new board game for his birthday!  Catan Geographies: Germany….oooo ahhh.  It came in the mail yesterday and we just had to play it, so we spontaneously called the Erwins to see if they were up for it.  It’s so great to have friends that you can call at the last minute :) <—that’s for Drew & Luke.

This version of Catan is similar to the regular version, except it chooses where your starting points are, and since I must be terrible at that part (which is why I lose every time) it gives people like me a better chance.  We played to 10 VPs (victory points for you uncool people) and I finished with 8 the first game and 7 the 2nd.  Much better than only getting 4 VPs when you have to get 13 to win!  Drew, Rache and I decided to let Luke win both games as a birthday present :)

Luke also got Starship Catan, a 2 player card game, that we’re looking forward to trying out!  Thanks Lunsy & Trix!IMG_1320 Who else thinks Drew looks like a creeper??

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Trix said...

Not quite sure what a creeper is but I wouldn't want my grandbaby to meet him alone in a dark alley!