Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let’s party like Luke’s 25!

Last night we had a happening party to celebrate Luke’s 1/4 of a century.  We started with playing wii and then broke into 3 different board games: Catan Geographies, Ticket to Ride and Puerto Rico.

Here’s some of the boys playing Puerto Rico.IMG_1321And here’s my Black Tie Mousse Cake experiment from a copycat recipe of Olive Garden’s most awesome dessert.  It tasted good, but wasn’t close enough to the real cake for my liking…I guess I’ll keep shopping for recipes. black_tie_mousse_3809IMG_1322Happy Birthday Luke! IMG_1324Even James drove in from Charlottesville to help us celebrate!  It was my “surprise” gift for Luke :) IMG_1325So it may look like there weren’t any girls at this party, but I always forget to take pictures until everything’s over…so yes, I wasn’t the only female in the joint :)

It was a fun party and I look forward to trying Puerto Rico out!

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Trix said...

Luke is half my age. Can we trade places?