Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Room Update

My mom was bugging me about posting the updates to the baby room after getting all the stuff from the shower in order. So here it goes.

This is our SUPER cute bedding that I found at Target. I registered for it before we knew it was a boy b/c I just loved it! I mean are you kidding me on it’s cuteness???IMG_1303IMG_1315Here’s a couple of extra blankets and some stuffed animals. That is the sock monkey that Luke had in the old days. (And I made the ball from this website)IMG_1317 Here is baby’s closet. We got a good collection of clothes to start with. My vision for the bins is to just toss onesies, socks, hats & shoes in, which is what they contain right now.IMG_1305The next few pics are of drawers full of stuff that will probably move someday :)

Here’s extra blankets & sheets.IMG_1306 Here’s books & toys.IMG_1307 Here’s feeding and changing odds and ends.IMG_1313Here’s burp cloths, bibs, towels and more blankets IMG_1314Here’s all the stuff that’s hiding under the crib for now.IMG_1310And here’s the start of our diaper stash that Luke and I bought when I was being Money Saving Mom a few weeks ago :)IMG_1308Well there you have it. We’re off to a good start I think!


Shannon Morrison said...

good thing you got all that practice organizing audrey's nursery!

Trix said...

The buyers for Target picked that elephant pattern just for your little boy - Perfect!!! Looks like baby Luker 2 is not going to go naked for awhile from what you have in your closet and what I have in mine!!!