Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Fun Beaumont Pics

My sister just posted these on Facebook, so I thought I’d post them here :)

My doctor cousin Jason busted out his stethoscope for us to hear baby boy’s heart beat!!  It was pretty quiet though (ole Trix’s 51 year old ears didn’t work for her :) ), but Jen, Laura & I heard it!12649_1226120983810_1552590077_30637433_3409691_nHere’s after Luke surprised me!12649_1226121103813_1552590077_30637436_7852896_n 12649_1226121143814_1552590077_30637437_899643_n Here’s the Warner Fam at the dinner party.12649_1226123303868_1552590077_30637444_2816134_n And here’s Lukey reading to Lil’ A and Clarky before bedtime…he’s gonna be such a great daddy!12649_1226123783880_1552590077_30637454_1790534_n

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Trix said...

That Warner/Hargrove family is the best looking family in the whole world!