Saturday, November 14, 2009

Williamsburg Baby Shower!

I had my church baby shower this morning at Rachel’s house.  She so cutely decorated the place with browns, blues, oranges & of course elephants, so here’s a few of the pics for you… IMG_2013 IMG_2014  We played a game where I carried around a tray of baby things and gave people time to study what was on the tray for a quiz. IMG_2029Little did they know that the quiz was actually about my appearance!  What did my dress look like, what kind of earrings was I wearing, which finger looks different than the others :)  It was really fun and really mean!!  No one was looking at me as I walked around, but people did pretty well I will say!IMG_2032Time for presents :) and of course Jeni got me a cute little boy elephant!IMG_2046Rachel was my note taker and kept saying “that’s so cute!” to everything, so when I opened the (breast pump), what did she say??  That’s right… “that’s so cute!”  Haha, way too funny!IMG_2055  Chelsea & Me :)IMG_2011Small group girls…minus Rachel T!! we forgot to take the pic before she left :( IMG_2082Liz & Me :)IMG_2087 This was our great idea to put Abby on my belly…but it pretty much just came out super awkward! :)IMG_2089 So we tried again!IMG_2090 And here’s Sherrie & Me :) Sherrie was my amazing photographer!!  Thank you!IMG_2091 It was such a fun shower and I was super thankful for everyone coming and blessing our little family so much!


Laura said...

You truly are glowing -- I love you !! See you SOOONN

Trix said...

Looked like a great shower. I'm truly thrilled that my daughter has such awesome friends!! Thank you so very much for taking such good care of her!!!

-SVS said...

It was too fun. I'm so glad we could party with Hargrove Junior. Can't wait to meet the little guy! You guys are going to have a blast with him. And all of his elephants.