Friday, November 13, 2009

AMAZING Blu-Ray deal!!

movies copyBut you must act soon (like today or tomorrow).  I heard about this deal earlier in the week, but didn’t get a chance to try it out until today, and didn’t want to post about it if it didn’t work :)

So if you’re wanting Up and Monsters, Inc. on blu-ray, here’s what you do:

Print out these coupons: $10 off Up and $8 off Monsters, Inc. and $10/2 Target coupon when you by both.

Then take your Best Buy Ad to Target (b/c they price match now…at least mine does) and show them that Monsters, Inc. is $18.99 there (Monsters, Inc. is $26.99 and Up is $19.99 at Target).

So your total will be $18.99 + $19.99 - $10 - $8 - $10 = $10.98 for both movies!  (You probably will have to check out at the Customer Service counter)

And if that deal wasn’t amazing enough, submit for 2 of these 3 rebates:

  • UP = Get $5 back by mail WYB UP and (2) participating Kernel Seasons product. (Exp 2/28/10)
  • UP = Get $5 back by mail WYB UP and (2) Birds Eye Viola meals (Exp 2/28/10)
  • UP = Get $4 back by mail WYB UP and 1 Ronzoni, Creamette, Ronzoni Smart Taste, Ronzoni, San Giorgio, American Beauty, Prince or Skinner pasta. (Exp 1/15/10)

Note: These rebates not only allow for copies of the receipt, but they also just want one of the proof of purchase tabs on the back of the blu-ray (it has 2) and it DOES NOT require the UPC!

And check out for deals on the Kernel Seasons, Viola & Ronzoni.

So after 2 rebates, you spend only $0.98 to $1.98 for both movies.  Wow, now that’s a steal! :) Even if you don’t want to deal with the rebates, it’s still a great deal.  The coupons and rebates don’t expire tomorrow, just the Best Buy Ad price match and the prices at Target, so hurry for the best deal!

One more thing :) Both blu-rays come with a DVD copy of the movie too, so you don’t even have to have a blu-ray player yet to take advantage of the deal!


Lunsford said...

its christmas shouldnt be buying yourself stuff!!!! :)

Laura said...

stephers ... wow thats all I can say

Trix said...

Spent about 2 hours getting that deal! Went to two Targets to look for the extra $10 coupon on the Monster's Inc.(didn't have it) and the second Target stopped matching the price if you used the Target coupon an hour before I went. So went back to the first Target that did price match! What an ordeal but saved $36!!! Thanks for the info! Always fun to save $$$.