Sunday, September 13, 2009

William & Mary Football

Last night we went to a William & Mary football game against Central Connecticut State (ever heard of it??? me either).  Luke said it best when he compared it to going to a high school game…and more like a 3A game too.

Here’s a pic of the W&M student section...and it starts at the striped cover then to the right (we were sitting in the endzone).IMG_1552 Which differs greatly from A&M’s student section (in this pic it’s the right side).kyle field So it was fun for us to compare all the differences between W&M and A&M.  We were trying to figure out what their traditions were…didn’t really come up with anything except a tomahawk like throw they did with their arms (only like 2 times too).IMG_1561 IMG_1562 It was cute at halftime…they let the peewee football league have a mini game.IMG_1569 And here are their little cheerleaders. IMG_1572After W&M would score a touch down, some colonial guys shot off their guns.  We thought it was ironic that they did this with W&M being “The Tribe” and all..IMG_1592 Here’s a pic of our group in all our team spirit!IMG_1603 And here’s the final score…we won!! A nice change from always losing at A&M games :)  Gotta love the Aggies!IMG_1605


Shannon Morrison said...

stephers you look hott in green and gold.

Trix said...

Those Virginians don't know what they're mising. Guess it's time to think about heading back to Texas for some real fotball!

Trix said...

Really do know how to spell. (Well, sometimes!) Keyboard keeps sticking - only get the leftovers.