Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Question: What does Luke do for a living?

Answer: I'm a professional nerd.

I thought I would share my nerdy/embarrassing websites out there for your entertainment. Here's where customers go to find me. I hope you like the cheesy mug shot. And here's the blog I maintain with technical info for the local customers.

Finally, here's the Wikipedia entry for my company, National Instruments.

And because I know it's on your mind, I'll answer the second question. No, we do not have any relation to Texas Instruments, and no, we don't make calculators. National Instruments and Texas Instruments are as different as Curious George and Boy George.


Lunsford said...

so are you the curious or boy???

Trix said...

I vote for "curious"!

Mallory said...

HAHAHA! I always thought you made calculators. Now I am disappointed.