Thursday, September 24, 2009


We had another baby shower at the church a couple of weeks ago, so I made these burp cloths and bibs (it was for twins).  For the burp cloths, I just sewed some of the matching bib fabric to a 3-fold cloth diaper, SUPER easy (and cute!).IMG_1538 And here are some onesies I made (well, appliquéd)…the airplane and car went to the twins, but the tie and elephant are for our little guy :)  Gotta keep him in style!IMG_1543And my madre’s birthday was last Saturday, so I decided to make her a Coupon Organizer and Store Card Holder.  I thought it was appropriate b/c I’m obsessed with couponing and I’m trying to get everyone else involved too :)  You could use the coupon organizer for receipts or recipes (anything small that you’re filling) and the store card holder as a smaller wallet or business card holder (which is actually what it’s called).IMG_1617  And I thought this idea was too cute, so I made 2 more for other friends (I forgot to take a pic of Rache’s, but here’s the one for Liz).IMG_1637


evs said...

I have never been so happy about coupons in my life. They look so pretty now! Thanks so much! I love, love, love that print!

Trix said...

What a creative daughter I have - taught her everything she knows!!