Saturday, September 5, 2009

6 down, 3 to go

That’s right, I’m officially 6 months preggo today!  Wow, it’s hard to believe we’ll have a baby in the house in 3 months, kind of scary but super exciting!  According to the countdown on the right, I’m in the double digits of days left now too. 

We did right this month and took some pics of my belly, which seems to be growing bigger everyday.  It might have something to do with me always being hungry and wanting to snack :)  I try to be good, but sometimes those cookies are just too irresistible.

These pictures are from the Jamestown Beach which is right next to our house.Preggo1Preggo2 Preggo3So other than being hungry all the time, this baby is moving around like crAzy!  It’s really fun to feel him in there.  A couple of times he’s taken his elbow or foot or whatever and dragged it across my stomach around the belly button (which is non-existent now by the way) where I can see it dragging…really COOL!  Luke hasn’t seen that part yet, b/c it’s so random.  So far I’ve felt 3 different kinds of moves: 1) little jabs creating a “popcorn” effect; 2) gliding or swimming or whatever creating a “rollercoaster” effect; and 3) dragging whatever body part across my belly creating a “just cool” effect. 

Last night I was just watching him move while Luke read us Scuffy the Tugboat, which was his favorite book as a kiddo.  We’re going to try and have “family bonding” time more often.

Oh and another preggo thing I’ve been experiencing is major back pain and occasional charlie horses in the middle of the night.  Neither one is pleasant :) but baby’s worth it.  And my normal clothes are finally getting a little tight (or short) so I went shopping last week for new preggo clothes.  Luke said he wouldn’t mind the jeans I bought for Thanksgiving, ha!

All in all things are still going great!  I’m glad I’m getting big enough for other people to notice (I think!)


Trix said...

Most beautiful prego woman in the whole world!!! Love you dearly!!!

Lunsford said...


ShirelleInEngland said...

So I was about to say "you're the most beautiful prego lady in the world," but then I saw Trix's comment, so I'll just say that I hope I look one tenth as good as you when I have a baby someday