Saturday, September 12, 2009

Elliotts Come for a Visit!

So our Austin friends (Joe, Mona, Faith & Aliza) came for a Labor Day visit to Williamsburg! They got in Sunday evening and it was a party every moment until they left :)

As you may remember, on Monday Chick-Fil-A was giving away free chicken sandwiches to anyone who came dressed in “team spirit” so of course we took advantage of that for lunch….and dinner (which ended up being lunch the next day, ha!)100_0715 After grabbing our Chick-Fil-A we headed to Colonial Williamsburg.100_0734 Then Yorktown.100_0769 I think I look pretty preggo in this pic (you can see my belly button through my shirt….and I’m wearing 2!)100_0780 Monday evening we headed to Waller Mill with our canoe and rented another so we could all canoe together. Joe wanted this trip to be one of “firsts” for the family, so this was their first time canoeing. You can see the Joe/Mona/Aliza canoe in the background of this pic (which is why Luke seems to be laughing so hard).IMG_1428100_0798IMG_1451Somehow I saw this itty bitty baby turtle in the water so we picked it up with a paddle…too cute!IMG_1438Well we were having a really great time, then it started raining on us…doesn’t look like I’m too happy in this pic :)100_0814 Tuesday morning we headed to Virginia Beach and ate at Mary’s Restaurant (one of our local favorites).100_0833 100_0834 Then we headed to the Virginia Aquarium and saw an I-Max (which was a first for our Austin friends, Aliza did get scared at some of the fish eating parts :) ).IMG_1458Then we got to “try” and pet the sting rays…you can see Faith got a little wet trying this :)100_0864 After the Aquarium, we headed to the beach, where it was cold and rainy, not a good day to go swimming.100_0872 But Aliza seemed to have fun!100_0881 And we rode back on the Surry Ferry, which the girls thought was awesome.100_0892 Tuesday night, our friend Jeni came and babysat while the adults had a night on the town. We ate at Captain George’s Seafood Buffet. As most of you know, I’m allergic to seafood, and didn’t think it was a good time to experiment my allergicness being pregnant and all, so I got most of my money out of the desserts :)IMG_1467Wednesday we toured around Jamestown Settlement, where Aliza was mad that she didn’t see any Indians…their best Indian was a white lady wearing animal skins…not very Pocahontas looking to us.100_0911IMG_1474 IMG_1476 And that afternoon we went to Jamestown Beach to swim and canoe. IMG_1510 IMG_1528 Don’t ask me what happened here…I looked away for 1 minute :)100_0950Maybe we weren’t supposed to be canoeing after all…100_0959

And the Elliotts left Thursday morning for Charlottesville and the long drive back. We had a great time with them getting to catch up and hang out. We will surely miss them until their next visit!! :)


mona said...

ahhh, we miss you already!! There is no way to put into words how awesome it was to hang out with you all in Virginia. Joe and I talked about how grateful we were the whole way home. We just saw God's hand everywhere and felt so taken care of. Take care of your two misters and call me sometime ;)

Trix said...

Another very good reason to think about getting back to Texas - great friends along with much better football.