Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day at the VA Zoo

My parents got a Houston Zoo membership while we were in TX in February (pics to come from that soon hopefully…Thai Thai!!)  Anyway, with that membership, we can go to a bunch of zoos all over the country, and the Virginia Zoo is one of them.  Unfortunately, the VA zoo is pretty lame, but we still had fun :)  And of course I had to make him a St. Patty’s tie for the day!

Virginia Zoo - 01Virginia Zoo - 02Virginia Zoo - 03Virginia Zoo - 04Virginia Zoo - 05Virginia Zoo - 06Virginia Zoo - 07Virginia Zoo - 08Virginia Zoo - 09Virginia Zoo - 10Virginia Zoo - 11Virginia Zoo - 12Virginia Zoo - 13Virginia Zoo - 14Virginia Zoo - 15Virginia Zoo - 16Virginia Zoo - 17Virginia Zoo - 18Virginia Zoo - 19Virginia Zoo - 20Virginia Zoo - 21Virginia Zoo - 22Virginia Zoo - 23Virginia Zoo - 24Virginia Zoo - 25Virginia Zoo - 26Virginia Zoo - 27Virginia Zoo - 28Virginia Zoo - 29Virginia Zoo - 30Virginia Zoo - 31Virginia Zoo - 32Virginia Zoo - 33Virginia Zoo - 34Virginia Zoo - 35


The Haley Smith said...

Love the tie!!!

Trix said...

What a fun day! Love the big smile!