Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cluck Cluck

Our little Calvin had the chicken pox last week!  He was exposed to them at the night of our MOPS & POPS Vday dinner, but they didn’t show up until last Monday (the last day we were in Houston I might add).  And I did fly with him…oops…there weren’t any other kiddos on that flight, so hopefully no one got sick from him :)

All in all he was pretty good with his poxes, just needed a little more snuggle time, which was ok by me!  He never snuggles with me these days.

He only had about 40 spots, mostly on his head and diaper area.  I think it worked out him getting them so young b/c he didn’t really know they were itchy or how to scratch them, so he didn’t even notice it really.  We gave him 3 oatmeal baths to ease some of the discomfort and some motrin about 3 times, but that was it.

Now he just has the little crusty spots waiting to heal :)

Chicken Pox 01Chicken Pox 02Chicken Pox 03Chicken Pox 04


Lloyd said...

Thanks for the laugh! Poppy has been sick with flu and seeing my little buddy twirl and go under water made me laugh...and start a coughing spasm...

Trix said...

Gotta love our poxey Cal!!!