Monday, March 21, 2011

“Effers” aka 315 aka Birthday

As you all should know, the holiday known as Birthday is March 15.  That’s right people.  Some of us call it “Effers” because of a little story from Shannon’s brother Patrick.  A couple of years ago, Shannon, Fer Fer and I were talking to Patrick about birthdays and we said he should know my birthday because it was in my nickname (Stephers315)….so he said, “Your birthday’s in Effers?”  :)

Anyway, LaLa came to Williamsburg for her spring break and to celebrate 315 with me.  We had a fun week full of shopping, watching “The Middle”, going to the zoo, Starbucks, and just hanging out.

Of course Calvin didn’t want to cooperate with our photo shoot.

Steph's Birthday - 02Steph's Birthday - 03Steph's Birthday - 04Steph's Birthday - 05Steph's Birthday - 06Steph's Birthday - 07Steph's Birthday - 08Steph's Birthday - 09Steph's Birthday - 10Steph's Birthday - 11

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Trix said...

Pictures of 2 of the most beautiful girls in the world! (The boys aren't too bad either.)