Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LOFT Inspired Tuxedo Tank

Last week, Target had their Mossimo Micro Rib Tanks on sale for $7, let me just tell you how much I love these tanks…seriously they’re the best.  Anyway, I was eyeing this tee from the LOFT, and thought I’d mimic it.


It was a super easy project.  I measured the length of my tank (19”) and cut seven 1”x19” strips out of coordinating chiffon that I actually had lying around the house (intended for flower headbands).  I decided to fray-check the edges of the chiffon, so they wouldn’t get too crazy with the fraying.  Then I sewed each strip on the tank starting with the middle strip and working my way out on both sides.  I also used red thread instead of orange (b/c I didn’t have any) and you can’t even tell.  How great is that? :)

Tuxedo Tank 1Tuxedo Tank 2Tuxedo Tank 3

So for $7 I got a tank version of LOFT’s $39.50 tee…and I can say I made it, pretty awesome!


evs said...

It's possible that you are pretty much the coolest person ever. Possible.

Love the tank!

Trix said...

I want one!!! On second thought, 2 or 3 would be better!