Monday, June 15, 2009


And yet another reason we went to Texas was for our week long cruise in the Caribbean! Our friends Brad & Haley called us up in Jan and we set a date to party on the ocean in June. We actually ended up going on the same cruise that Jacob & Kalan went on for their honeymoon, small world!

We left out of Galveston on Sunday morning after the wedding and headed south. We had 2 full days at see before our first stop. (We were supposed to go to Cozumel on the 2nd day but that swine junk stopped that one, lame)

If you've ever been on a cruise, you know that they have activities going on all day every day. So after dinner on the 1st day we went to a game show and Brad was Contestant No. 1!
Well he didn't win, but it was fun to watch :)

Because you can't leave the ship when it's in the middle of the ocean, you have to figure out ways to entertain yourself. Luke and I tried introducing Catan to our old friends. As you can see from their heads leaned against arms...they didn't seem too impressed with it. Dorks! Good thing Jacob & Kalan were on the same cruise because they love Catan and we got to play once with them :)
The 1st full day evening was the Elegant Dinner where you meet the captain and all, we skipped that part and just ate dinner :) And as you can see from the pics, we missed the sunset :( And it was very windy.
How did the towel makers know that I love elephants??? On the second day we stumbled across the Marriage Game and saw Jacob & Kalan on stage! It's basically like the newlywed show where you guess what the other will say for random questions. They did the best on matching answers, it was hillarious!
Here's one of Luke's 8 picks for tonight's dinner. He ordered 4 appetizers, 3 entrees and 1 dessert.Is Luke having the baby, or am I?Our first shore excursion was to Jamaica on Wednesday. We booked a Jungle River Tubing Adventure Tour, which I do NOT recommend. Basically it takes like an hour to get to the jungle river, then we spent at least 30-45 minutes at the "store" and bathroom before getting in the tubes. The tubes were singles with fabric across the butt part, so you never actually touched the water, then they tied 15 or so tubes together. Needlesstosay, the "Adventure" wasn't very adventurous. The only "scary, thrilling" part was when the guide lost control of our tubes and we went the wrong way for 30 feet or so. Haley got a nice bump on her head on that one from a tree branch. Luke and Brad had fun jumping off a rope swing out into the river at a stop that they guide "wasn't supposed to make", Luke said that doing that made the tour worth it. When we got to the end of the river, it started raining and took another hour or more to get back to the boat. We weren't impressed with Jamaica yet.After we dropped off people at the boat, our bus driver said he would drive us downtown and to the beach for $10/person. We still hadn't seen the beach so we went. What we didn't know was that everyone on the bus would say where they wanted to go and then the whole bus did what that one person wanted. We went to one of those nick-nack shops of stupid souviners that people don't need and everyone got out for like 20 minutes or so. We stayed on the bus and waited for our turn. Then one guy had to go to the Harley Davidson store for a t-shirt, so we waited for him. Finally it was time to go to the beach, but it was pouring and you had to pay to get on the beach! What?? The driver did find a spot where we got in for free just for a minute, and the rain let up a bit just for us! Here's us at the beach :) the water was very warm. Next time we said we'd just go hang out at the beach all day b/c that was the best part!Here's our dinner table that we ate at every night.The next day we docked in Grand Cayman.And visited "Hell", scary! It is actually dried up coarl reef (from global warming, uh oh Lunsford!)Then we went to the Turtle Farm where they breed sea turtles. The adult turtles can weigh 500 lbs! Eeek. They let us pick up the baby turtles and take pictures with them. This was one of our favorite things we did the whole cruise!Next we went out to the Stingray Sandbar, where we got to swim with the stingrays! I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous because of the whole Steve Erwin thing, but it was really awesome. The stingrays just swam up to you for you to pet them. Here is one of the guides rubbing one of the stingrays all over Haley!After our excursion ended, we headed to the beach where we got to spend hours of fun in the sun! (Except it did rain for a bit in the afternoon.)

Here's pics from the second Elegant Night.
And the last day on the boat we had a little competitions with putt-putt and shuffleboard. And here's us with Marco, our wonderful waiter from Croatia!We did catch the sunset on the last night, which was beautiful. We also saw like 15 dolphins!! It was awesome, one of the coolest things I've seen. We tried getting pictures, but they were too fast :)

And here's us at Club Henri dancing the night away! I have no idea what move Kalan's doing :)And here's our last towel animal. Others we had were a swan, scorpian, and bat (or stingray, "obviously" as Brad said).
We had a really fun time on the cruise, I think Luke gained like 10 pounds! Haha, so at least we got our money's worth with food :)


TheHaleySmith said...

You didn't even give me credit for making everyone go to the beach in the pouring rain in Jamaica....and thanks for the first photo of me, it may just be the worst photo of all times...ick!

fur fur said...

omg....can we just talk about the other dancers in the club picture. whoa. i mean babies were being made. sick out!

Lunsford said...

IF, and i say IF, it was global warming...the reef would be DROWNED not high and dry...


Rachel Erwin said...

i am touched that you spelt Steve Irwin's name with an "E". Normally most people spell our last name with an "I" b/c of him. I think you must miss us. :)

The cruise looked awesome. Yall have had an exciting summer! Are you showing yet?? Post some pics of your belly!