Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad Shoes :)

So as we all know, Father's Day was yesterday, and Luke is now considered a father ("to be" I guess). What would a new dad need you may ask? How bout some dad shoes!

Here's my pretty creative wrapping job if I do say so myself. Every dad also needs a tie (even if it's just one from his stash!)
And yes, that is just Christmas paper turned inside-out...I should invest in non snowman paper :)Look how excited he is!
I went around town and bought all the size 14 dad shoes, so he has his pick of colors. Now he just has to decide which one he wants (which is like pulling teeth to get him to try something on!) Some of you may refer to these shoes as "boat shoes" but early on in our marriage we noticed that all the young dads were sporting them, so we refer to them as dad shoes. Now that Luke will be a dad he can officially have some :)

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Lunsford said...

So, stephers, you are taking after your mom on gifts, eh? Find one of his rarely used or unused things and wrap it up? I get a "new" shirt every year!