Monday, June 15, 2009

Lunsy's 50th

Yes you heard right, my father, Lloyd Lunsford Warner III is now half a century old!! EEK! I flew to Texas early for his big 50 Texas Hold 'Em Bash (which was super fun!) What did I give him for his birthday present you might ask? How about a grandbaby! Top that David & Laura :)

It was also the AI finale the day I flew in, so here's Kris' biggest supporters.
As some of you may know Fur Fur worked at a cake company for her last year at A&M. She got to decorate cakes like those Ace of Cakes people...pretty cool. So here are the cakes she made for Lunsford's party.The fam at the party. The night started with 3 tables of 10 players each, which went down to 2, which went down to 1. This is the final table of the evening. And yes that is Bethers and Lauren still in the game!And what's a birthday without going to CEC? (by the way, David was sporting the hunchback look)I had a great time in Houston, chilin with the fam. Now I'm just waiting for their visit for the first week in July!

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