Saturday, September 6, 2008

New York City!

Here are some pictures from our Labor Day Weekend in New York City!

We decided that we would take the ferry ride over to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. It was neat getting to see it all up close and personal. We had special tickets that got us into the actual monument where we got to go up to the base of the statue. For those of you who have seen Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen, you can't get up into the head of the statue like his kid Mimi-Siku. The highest you can go is to the base of the statue, unless you know the president, which we tried to tell the guy we did being from Texas and didn't work. Ok I'm going to give you some advice, if you're planning on taking the ferry ride and going in the monument, don't plan it on a holiday weekend, go sometime during a normal work week. This activity of us seeing Liberty in all her glory took all day Saturday, good thing we didn't really have any set plans except for the play that night.

This was the whole reason we came to New York. Luke bought me tickets to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway for an anniversary present. Let me just tell you something, my husband is my favorite person in the world and I love him very much. This was probably the best present ever. The show was A-MAZING!! I definitely recommend it to anyone if it comes your way. I loved it!! It was also super fun because Luke gave me the cd of the performance back in June, so I knew all the words to the new songs, and of course I was singing along (in my head, I did belt it out in the car on the way to NY though).

We stopped in the Toys R Us store in Times Square. It's a pretty awesome place, really huge with a 3 story ferris wheel! So here's Luke holding Lego Mindstorms, a game his company National Instruments wrote the software for. Pretty neat. And it only costs you $279.99, I wonder if we can get an employee discount.

Of course we had to hit up Nintendo World in Rockefeller Plaza. They had a ton of Wiis and DSs (I don't know how to make those plural without it looking weird) set up to play, so that was kid of fun. And to my dismay, they weren't overpriced, you could get a game for what you would pay at Wal-Mart. Speaking of overpriced, Luke wanted to check out one of those sleazy looking electronic stores in Times Square, so we did and we don't know how they stay in business! They were trying to sell a Wii game for $80!! I'm wondering who in their right mind would by a game for that price from some sleazy guy when you can go to Nintendo World, the store that actually makes the games (well you know what I mean) and get it for $50. And people were in there buying things!! That boggled our minds for a bit.

I'm thinking March 15, 2009.... anyone coming?

Here we are at Central Park. Did you know that the park is 843 acres with 36 bridges, 21 playgrounds, more than 275 different types of birds and all of it was man made?!?! Well except for the birds, and one of the lakes, but other than that it is all landscaped. Crazy huh. You can definitely get lost in there if you don't know what you're doing. There are 58 miles of pedestrian walks throughout the park, talk about a work out.

Chocolate anyone? On Sunday we decided to take a double decker bus tour around the city, it was a great way to see everything, we recommend it to anyone going to NYC. It's a "hop on, hop off" bus which makes it really nice. So here we are at the Times Square stop in front of the Hershey's store. From the looks of the outside you would think the store is HUGE, but no, inside is about as big (maybe smaller) than your average convenient store. OH speaking of convenient stores and gas stations, did you know that it's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey?? Well it is, and we made a 20 min gas stop on the way back because of it! AHH. Supposedly back in the 40s, the New Jersey and Oregon governments thought that people weren't smart enough to pump their own gas. How we manage to do it in the other 48 states, the world may never know (or at least New Jersey and Oregon may never know).

Here is a view from the deck around our hotel. We stayed in New Jersey, but had access to a metro line right outside the hotel. We thought we'd show a little NItro spirit!

Here we are at the beach in Atlantic City, you know Monopoly land! Well the gps didn't tell us that it would be a 2 hour detour to eat lunch here...and they didn't even have monopoly paraphernalia anywhere. Lame. But we did get to eat at a local pizza joint on the strip with a bunch of high school kids wearing nothing but swimsuits, and these girls shouldn't just be going around in a bikini if you know what I mean. I guess they didn't have the "no shoes, no shirts, no service" rule at Pop A Pizza.

So here I am sporting Luke's broken sunglasses b/c he swiped mine....err, well at least I didn't have to drive! I did end up driving, but only 2 hours and poor Luke had to drive about 8. We decided to take the "scenic" drive on the way back from NY. Well they don't tell you that the "scenic" drive is just through a bunch of trees where you can't see anything (but trees). And we rode on a ferry that cost $50!! Wow! I asked the guy if he was kidding and he said no...bummer. It was a fun experience though, no more "scenic" drives for us :) at least not from Williamsburg to NYC.

All in all we had a really fun time in New York. So if any of you want to come visit, we can head up there for the weekend (only if we don't drive during rush hour).

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I could actually HEAR you do the 'err' on the sunglasses thing! Hilarious!