Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Luke!

So my Uncle Jim gave me tickets for any of the Busch theme parks, and it just so happens that Williamsburg is home to Busch Gardens Europe! I surprised Luke with a trip to the park for his birthday. I asked him what he thought I had planned for the birthday and he was like I don't know, it isn't Busch Gardens is it? That kind of discouraged me from thinking he'd like the whole thing, but I went along with it anyway.

I had him blindfolded for the drive over there, but when we got to the parking lot he could see where we were b/c he was laying down. He said he was pretty upset that we were going there b/c he didn't want to spend the $100 or whatever it would've cost to get in. Then I told him about my sweet deal and he was able to have a fun day.

We got to the park almost when it opened so we got to ride 3 of the big ones before noon, which was pretty fast I thought. Here we are in front of 3 of them...they were all kind of intermingled.

The "Griffon" is supposedly the scariest ride in the world!?!? It takes you some 200 feet up and then hurdles you 90 degrees straight down at 70 mph. Dang, was I scared. Then I looked over and saw an 8 year old little girl getting in the line for the front, so I figured if she could take it, I could take it. And I could, it was pretty fun I might add. Oh and they hang you at the 90 degree angle looking down at the crowds below for a couple of seconds before they drop you, that was kind of scary :)

We must be old people, by the time 3:00 came around, we were ready to hit the road. We made it just in time for happy hour at Sonic!

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