Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Little House!

Finally the moment you all have been waiting for (well maybe).....Pictures from our new pad. Here's one of the front of the house.

Here's the living room facing the front door. As you can see there is a screen hanging from the ceiling, that's for our sweet movie watching. We are waiting on a couch and loveseat that we ordered and should be here in 8 to 12 weeks. I don't know how a company can work with that kind of turnaround.

So here's our only living room seating for now, the "bubba" chairs (well this is as bubba as I want to get). Luke and I have had some disagreements with getting a bubba chair or not. He says comfort, I say looks. I think these chairs are pretty comfortable, so I don't know what he's crying about...I mean, he did get his movie theater.

You can see the kitchen area in the background. We really like how this house is so open, it makes cooking a lot more fun because you're still part of the "party."

Here's the hall closet. Our last house didn't have this, and it is definitely nice. We decided to put shoes and jackets in here.

Here's the "breakfast room." The door to the left goes out to the garage, which is basically a storage area because the attic here is not too sturdy for stuff (and very hard to get into). The parking situation is pretty weird here, we just park on the back side of the house and our duplex neighbors park in front of their (and our) garage. So we couldn't park in the garage even if we wanted to....and they didn't have an electronic opener, so there's no way I'm getting out of the car to go through the house to get to the back of the garage to open the door just so I can park in the garage, too much work for me :) The door to the right in this picture goes out to the back side of the house (to where we park). We use this door instead of the front door (and so do all the delivery people).

Here's the kitchen. I really like how we have area above the cabinets to display those cutesy things that we didn't have room for in other areas :) The little island in the middle of the room was something we bought from Wal-Mart, we thought it went really nicely with the cabinets. There isn't much counter space or drawer space, so we use the island for veggie chopping and meal preparing, and it stores our silverware.

Here's our "message center" for mail and keys and stuff.
Here's the hallway to the bedrooms. The first room on the right is the guest bedroom, then the office is next to that. The first room on the left is the guest bathroom followed by the master bedroom.

Here's my room (or the guest bedroom). If any of you saw my room in Houston before we got married, this is a mini version of it (mainly because it's about half the size).

All the closets in this joint are super small (especially compared to what we were used to in Texas). So we have to keep all our dress clothes in the guest bedroom closet.

Here's the guest bathroom. It's probably twice the size of the master bathroom, but that will be nice for company :)

Here's Luke's room (or the office).

He's got a nice little set up on the desk, a lot of work goes on here. We got the desk from a garage sale at our church right before we left. It is pretty huge, but really nice for working and having all the computer stuff you need.

Maybe Luke should be the professional organizer. Here's his ideas for how to deal with all the books and cables we have, it's in a nice little closet so we can close it off when we don't want to look at all that stuff.

Here's our master bedroom. It is about half the size of the one we had in Texas, so we couldn't use all the furniture we had for it, but that's all right.

The king bed definitely makes it look even smaller than it is. I sleep on the left side of the bed and my "bedside table" is those cubes on the wall. They've been working out pretty good, I just put my phone, water, glasses, and book either in or on top of it :)

Here's our little closet. I had to downsize some more clothes to make it fit better, which was good for me to do anyway because I'm supposed to be all organized and "less is more". I've been trying to get Luke to go through his stuff, so hopefully this weekend we'll get to that.

Here's our bathroom. There is absolutely NO counterspace, so right now we're living out of our travel bags. I'm going to look for some sort of box to set on the toilet to put makeup and stuff in, so hopefully we can get out of the travel stage :) This bathroom only has a shower, which I like, but the other bathroom has the tub with the showerhead.

And that's it! We really like this house a lot. It doesn't have our awesome porch, so that's a little bummer, but the inside layout is really nice. I only wish it had a fireplace, but Luke disagrees. I just liked making smores and sitting by the fire when it's cold out, but Luke said we only used the one at the Austin house like 3 times, but hey it's supposed to be colder here right?

We painted all the rooms except for the bathrooms when we moved in. I can definitely live here longer because of that. It looks like night and day from having all white everywhere, to having some color! We also added ceiling fans to the bedrooms, all they had was a ghetto light fixture. We think adding the paint and fans definitely ups the value of this place.

Currently we have room to sleep 6 guests and when the couches come we can add 2 more, so please come on and see us!


Shannon Morrison said...

um your house looks about 1000 times more settled than ours and we have lived here 2 years! so pretty.

Lloyd said...

Your new house looks great! You take after your mom on decorating...dont let a bubba chair in the house though...

Stokes said...

I like the wall hanging guitar in the office. :-) Especially if you see it when you pass by that room. That's my #1 encouragement to practice... accidentally singing an instrument hanging around.