Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sprinkler Park

There is a free sprinkler park about 2 miles from our house…yeah, it’s awesome and did I mention FREE???  Well I decided to take all the kiddos out to it to use up some of that energy.
Splash Pad - 01Splash Pad - 02
Of course it shares a fence with the big pool and Calvin desperately wanted to swim in it, but that is Daddy’s job :)
Splash Pad - 03Splash Pad - 04Splash Pad - 05Splash Pad - 06Splash Pad - 07
Calvin thought it would be fun to try and drink the water..
Splash Pad - 08Splash Pad - 09
Snoozed through the whole thing..
Splash Pad - 10
Poor Faith couldn’t catch a break from Calvin :)
Splash Pad - 11Splash Pad - 12Splash Pad - 13Splash Pad - 14Splash Pad - 15Splash Pad - 16Splash Pad - 17
After Luke got home that day we headed to the pool in our neighborhood.  Little man got a little cold and we wrapped him up like a burrito..
Splash Pad - 18
He still managed to shimmy his hand out so he could eat a cookie…must be my kid :)
Splash Pad - 19


Laura said...

Love these pictures! And I love LK's cheeks!! So fat!

Jen Morrison said...

seriously why is that cutie sleeping all the days long?